The Sexist

“Mr. Mom” Needs to Die

No. NO Not again. Not another "Mr Mom" reference!

Maybe this shit could fly in 1983. I wouldn't know, because at that point, my own Mr. Mom and my regular female Mom hadn't gotten together to shared-parent me yet. But at this point, New York Times—-stop. JUST STOP.

You've informed us that despite the "Mr. Mom" idea you have helped to propagate, "Dads" still outnumber Mr. Moms ("Mr. Mom Aside, Dads at Work Are Still the Norm").

You've asked the eternal question: "But Can Mr. Mom Tie a Ponytail?"

You've even called the guy who wrote in to debunk the idea that only women can be proper parents a "Mr. Mom" ("Mr. Mom Fights Back")! I can't believe you did that, you fucking jerks!

Thankfully, we already have a suitable replacement word for "Mr. Mom." It's called "Dad."

  • Nina

    I love you.

    And...does this make me a "Ms. Dad"?

  • Amanda Hess

    Do you have kids and a job? Any childbearing woman with a job qualifies as a Ms. Dad. Me, I'm just a Miss Dude until I pop out some kids.