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Washington Post Looking for Happy Ex-Wives

On the U Street Listserv this morning, Washington Post Staff Writer Theola Labbé-DeBose solicits "ex wives and new wives who get along":

Hi, for a potential Mother's Day feature I'm looking for local Ex-wives and New wives who get along! The women should be able to talk freely about what it took to get their relationship on a positive note. If you or someone you know fits this bill, and they live in DC-MD-VA please reply to me at


Since the situation warrants an exclamation point, I'm betting this holiday-themed piece will have a good layer of bitchy female rivalry beneath its grinning facade. But wouldn't a real Mother's Day present from WaPo be a piece on chummy ex- and new husbands? Certainly there are just as many men in this situation as there are women. My suspicion is that WaPo wouldn't find the stories of male rivalry sufficiently catty to warrant a piece. Or maybe WaPo's just waiting until next month to roll that story out for Father's Day?

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  • Ms. Been There

    It's been @ 5 years since I've been divorced and I can honestly say I'm in a good place in my life. Although I can't say I've always been here...My ex hasn't remarried yet but the few girlfriends that he's had I'm happy for him. My ex hubby called me to complain about his current girlfriend and we had a GREAT conversation. It was as thou I was counselling him and trying to assist him with the problem. I would absolutely LOVE to meet one of his girlfriends!