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Inside Big Penis Dating Site “Seven or Better”

Take a look inside—before you let one inside you.

Yesterday, I took my first trip around the big penis dating site, an exclusive online community for men with penises that measure seven inches or longer, and the women who love them.

The site is the brainchild of Steven Pasternack, a Miami, Fla. entrepreneur who is no stranger to the dating woes of the well-endowed. Pasternack is also the man behind, an online dating site "Where the classy, attractive, and affluent meet."

Pasternack's anatomically-based venture, launched a couple of weeks ago, "is not a joke," Pasternack, 45, confirms. "Believe it or not, this is a very important thing for some women. They're looking for the size, but they still want a well-rounded, quality guy."

Pasternack says the inspiration for the Web site came "from a female friend of mine," who confided in Pasternack that "she wants to meet quality guys, but when it comes time to go to bed with the guy, she's sometimes disappointed with how the guy can please her," says Pasternack. "She said it would be nice to know up-front what she can get from them."

The Web site has already attracted nearly a thousand women like her: There are currently 875 female members listed on the site. There are also 869 men, indicating that there are as many men out there advertising big penises as there are women who want them. "The men are interested in signing up, obviously, because they’re proud of what they have. They're glad they have a place to say hey—I’ve got eight inches, or nine. It's not a matter of bragging. Some women can’t handle what they have, sexually, and it turns out to be a disappointment for [the man]. They want the women to know up-front what they have—so it works both ways, actually."

The member profiles are on par with most online dating sites—age, height, weight, smoking or not—except that men are also asked to report the length of their penises, and whether or not they are circumcised. Men must claim seven inch penises "or better" to be eligible to use the site; there are no sign-up requirements for women.

Pasternack arrived at the magic number seven after "consulting a few female friends," he says. "Most of them had a preference for six-and-a-half or seven. I rounded up to seven." Men aren't asked to report girth. "Girth—that's a good question. We're considering adding that as a category," says Pasternack.

Pasternack insists that beyond the dimensions, is a dating site like any other, and obscene language, revealing photos, or prostitution dealings will not be tolerated. Still, Pasternack admits that revealing one's penis size alongside his snorkeling interest might be considered inappropriate in any other venue. "I don’t think it would sit very well with eHarmony," says Pasternack. ", I don’t think they’re ready for this either."

But how do women know whether a man's self-reported penis size is accurate? The Web site's terms of use notes that "Any information posted on's website must conform to reality and be accurate in its description and content." If you are a member of, and you do meet up with a man you believe is misrepresenting his penis size, you can always report him to Pasternack. Pasternack says that once two or more women report that a man isn't packing what hes reported, he's off the site. "Sometimes, a person could be acting vindictively. You never know," says Pasternack. "So we wait for two separate complaints to revoke his membership." So far, no members have failed to measure up.

As for Pasternack, who is married, is strictly a business interest—you won't find Pasternack's profile, or his measurements, on the site. But if were around when Pasternack was dating, would he have been eligible? "That’s a very personal question," says Pasternack. "If you must know, yes. Yes I would be."

Photo by Maui in Vermont

  • Gender Studies Major

    Amanda, you're being heteronormative. The lede should read, " exclusive online community for men with penises that measure seven inches or longer, and the women and men who love them."

    Waaaah heteronormative blah blah blah

  • Amanda Hess

    Thanks for pointing out my inherent bias. Just because Steve Pasternack's vision was inspired by women does not mean that it precludes the interests of gay men, or for that matter, gay women, who can also join the community.

  • Angie

    Thanks for the article on the site! I have always wished there was a site like this or that match or eharmony would list a man's penis size, but I knew that would never happen. Now this site came out and I just joined. Wish me luck!

  • Amanda Hess

    Good luck ...

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  • kathy c

    What a great site. Now i can find men that i want to be with,which includes him been well endowed. I like a guys package to be at least 8 inches or more.

  • Terry k

    I am not one of those guys with a 6” cock looking for a huge 8” I’m not that greedy. I am a guy with a 3.5” cock and even worse it was less then 1” when non erect, in most cases this was even more embarrassing then having such a small erect cock.
    I am married and my wife always says that she loves my cock, it works fine two kids and all that but I see it in her eyes when we watch porn that she would love me to have a larger cock. I would love to make that happen but not just for that reason. I workout a lot and I am always at the gym. Ever since dreading the showers at my high school gym and having the guys and girls tease me about it all through school and it never stopped even as an adult you get guys smirking and laughing when they glance my tiny cock, I have had guys say aren’t you in the wrong locker room? Assholes yes but there is some truth to it. It is hard to feel like a real man when you are so small down there

  • susan

    Well having a guy who is endowed is fine.But if all we are focosing is the size of a guys penis were in trouble.I want a guy who has a job is not a drug addict ,is caring and so on. If the only thing your looking for is a big dick you might just end up with one .

  • CupidMarket

    It would have taken me a long long time to understand so much without your help.

  • Johhny

    Without some sort of confirmation (picture with date and screenname in the frame, etc) it's kind of silly. Dudes will lie about their size, and probably a good portion of memebers(no pun, lol) are lying... just the nature of the beast. Heck, see Kinsey's research(self measured penis size) compared to studies done where measurement was done by an unbiased party...big difference.

  • John

    I may be old fashioned coining the phrase "It's not the size, it's how you use it" but there is some truth in the expression. I still picture sex, and the art (it really is an art)of making love as something between two people(or more in some personal opinions), gender not important. This type of dating site makes me think that we are still treading down that path for selfish instant gratification, which I think is still the larger problem in the bedroom ironically enough. There is a mind behind the penis, and mind behind the vagina, that mind is making everything happen, the sex organs are just carrying out the deed. I think a lot of people could benefit from the pleasures of an open mind, rather than concentrating on making a list (of preconceived notions perhaps?)on what gets you off.

  • Rich

    So I am confused. I went to this website after reading this article and the testimonials were total BS. I mean they are poorly written and its obvious they were made up, not sent in by actual people on the site. Also the site hardly has any members at all ( no pun intended) considering its topic and the fact that all these women out there are just looking for a man with a donkey dong hanging between their legs. Also BS. What I don't seem to understand is where he came up with his name 7 or better as being for men who are large by female standards. He asked several female friends what they consider to be the perfect large penis, they came to the conclusion, 6.5 to 7 ", since 7 had a better ring to it, ding, he has his name. What I dont get is if his random poll of female friends told him 6.5 to 7 inches is what they consider not only large but a preferred size, why is he concerned about starting a website for guys with larger penises? 6.5 to 7 is the high end of average. 6 being average. I dont get it, he seems to be more interested in large dong then his female friends. Now I fall into his large catagory I guess I am 7.5 long by 6 around, I never considered myself large thought I was average, maybe better then some, not as much as others. But upon reading about stuff like this and talking to friends, (guys) who are really well endowed 8" or more, I have found that they openly admit they rarely have dated girls who actually can handle 8 inches or more. The women think they are getting all of their partners large penis, but my buddies have told me, there is often times a inch or more left over, not getting any attention what so ever. My close friend who used to play in a band with me and was more then willing when drunk to whip it out on a ruler was 8.5 long and pretty thick, and many times girls he brought back spent their evening yelling for him to slow down or becareful. He has admitted many times, that oral sex from most women sucked for him, that he often didnt even ask for it, because he knew he would get teeth scraped(not fun) or she wouldnt be into it. But more so, he has said anal sex is usually never a option, and that though he would never trade his large penis for a average 6 inch penis, he admitted that the majority of women couldnt even handle more then 7 inches, unless she was very used to a well endowed man. So would I say this guy has a valid website thru my experience? No, 7 inches is not big, its I think a preferred size for most women, bigger then average but not too big. The 2 most common size dildos produced is a 6 and 7 inche long toy and the 7" is often sold as a large dildo, so I think his site is a waste of net space.

  • K

    Noah, did you know there is a dating website for men like you? It's called, I think you should really check it out...

  • Kathleen Foster

    I usually don

  • 7″

    Just cause I advertise it on a website, and meet you for the date, doesnt mean you get to have fun with it.

  • Jeff

    This is the most sexist garbage I have ever seen and the women who join this site should be ashamed of themselves. What if there was a dating site called The motto could be, if you can't pick up a bottle cap with your pussy, we don't want you cause you're not good enough. No wonder the morals of our society is going down hill. Could these women be so selfish and these men so narcissistic. Pathetic!

  • Nick Boner

    I'm a girthy 12 inches, for the most part.. women find me attractive. I only met one girl who can take all 12" of my penis.

  • brian

    jeff awesome idea some one should actually create a website called that would be something finally good for men. maybe throw in too.

  • Beth

    If women are worried about men being able to please them sexually, I would think this site would instead be or something.

  • cindyjo

    OK-another dating website with lots of promises and no real members--this one based on a rather disgusting premise. What the hell's the matter with people?

    I've found that the few women who tend to make remarks about big penises are always enormous sluts in their personal life. I guess it just goes with the territory..? Normal women don't fixate on that sort of thing.

  • jake

    Why only the bigger guys. It would be great going out on a date where the woman knew your size. Avoid wasting time with the size queens. Anyway, men can see what's there and give it a miss if they want,