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New Dating Site For Women With Large Vaginas

You ladies are totally in!

In the wake of the debut of exclusive big penis online dating site "Seven or Better," I think it's time to address another grave disparity implicit in our society's traditional dating scheme. Now, thanks to Seven or Better, women in the United States, the United Kingdom, Canada, and Australia can learn the dimensions of her potential date's penis before enduring the hassle of meeting, getting to know, becoming sexually interested in, and disrobing him.

But what about these large-penised men? Shouldn't men also be allowed to date freely without having to worry that his date's vagina is not large enough to accommodate his 7" or larger penis?

That's why I'm proposing a new online dating community tailored for men exclusively seeking women with accommodating vaginas. We'll call it something classy, like "Huge Vaginas or Better," and only women with what are generally accepted to be expansive vaginal canals (or, of course, better!) will be allowed to sign up.

But how will women know if they qualify? A woman can't simply hold a ruler up to her aroused genitalia and quickly record a measurement that men can then use to judge her sexual potential.

Ladies, here's how you know. If you are a woman who is so incapable of becoming sexually aroused by—or even consider forming an emotional connection to—a man with a penis smaller than seven inches long that you sign up for a dating site that screens out all men with "unacceptable" genitalia, then your vagina is probably good enough for Huge Vaginas or Better.

Photo by Atrayu

  • JL

    That picture is crazy funny! (^_^)

    Amanda - I've got a tip on a story for you (unrelated to this one). How can I send it to you?

  • Al

    It looks like they're equating "measuring up" to either penis size for men or breast size for women. If is much easier to tell how large (clothed) breasts are so I don't see much need for "Ds or Better". And last I knew an aroused vagina will expand to accommodate.

  • Buddy Cleaver

    I want to see some big pussies

  • HAHA

    Men don't like "large" vaginas. This blog fails.

  • HAHA

    Also.. Seven inches refers to length which is no matter in intercourse. Big vaginas need big girth not big length. This post is way off base.