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Big Penis Dating Site Reveals Inches Before First Date

"Seven or Better" is a new online dating site for women and men interested in meeting men with penises that are confirmed to be seven inches or longer (the site doesn't clarify, but I'm assuming we're talking erect). "Hello ladies," the Web site begins. "Wouldn't it be nice to know upfront if a man has what it takes to satisfy you sexually?"

No. But go on:

For men interested in women, it is quite easy to see if the woman's breast size is to his liking or not, or even the shape and size of her derriere. The same goes for women interested in men. There are many women that feel the size of a man's penis is very important to them. Unfortunately, because of how society is, it is very inappropriate to ask a man immediately how big his penis is or even if he is uncircumcised or not. A properly behaved woman that is respectful would never ask such a question. Instead, a woman will date a man perhaps for a few days, weeks or maybe months. After all this time the woman will decide she likes the man and that it is finally time to take things to a new level/the bedroom. It is at this time that many women are disappointed with what they find and now they are in an awkward situation.

Isn't society just terrible? A "properly behaved woman" who is only interested in men with huge penises may have to wait months—months!—before figuring out that the man that she has spent months falling in love with has been hiding a dick that's slightly too small to deserve that love. Now, with Seven or Better, that woman can know from the first date the exact dimensions of that penis she doesn't want to see yet.

This is only fair, seeing as men know immediately and exactly the size of a woman's breasts—a measurement that can never be hidden, covered up, padded, or surgically augmented. Now, women, too, can have their potential sex partners flaunt their size before they even have to meet for coffee. But remember guys, this is a dating site for women, not a porn site for exhibitionist dudes. Men are encouraged to reveal their penis size in a completely friendly, non-pervy context, alongside their other attributes, like how smart they are or whatever.

But there's more. In accordance (I'm assuming) with anti-discrimination policies, those who become members of Seven or Better include: Men with penises 7" or longer looking for women, women looking for men with penises 7" or longer, men with penises 7" or longer looking for men with penises 7" or longer, or women looking for women. Yes, Seven or Better welcomes all, except for men with penises shorter—excuse me, worse—than 7" long.

So—are these women-looking-for-women looking for women who are looking for men with penises 7" or longer? Or are they simply signaling an interest in 7" or longer penis-shaped sex toys? I didn't finish the registration process—perhaps I was afraid of what I would find—so I don't know if any lesbians have signed up here yet. If anyone out there is an, ahem, member, I'd be interested in learning what might intrigue lesbians in this big dick business.

Photo by Maui in Vermont

  • Coleman

    I love how many tags for penis you've got going on.

  • Amanda Hess

    I don't want to miss any intrepid googlers.

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  • Coleman

    Yeah, I think you have some major competition for anyone typing "big penis" into a search engine, but I'm rooting for you, of course!

  • wd

    announcing a new website startup: with which all information must be verifiable and known to one other person. To let men know "upfront if a [wo]man has what it takes to satisfy you sexually."

  • paul

    that website is the vanguard of True Feminism.

    also this:
    "So—are these women-looking-for-women looking for women who are looking for men with penises 7″ or longer?"
    made me actually l.o.l.
    which isn't supposed to happen on the internet

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  • Eazyeazy

    Statistically about 5% of men in the population, including African Americans, have penises 7" or longer. The longer they are the fewer there are. A woman who's had the pleasure of a 12 incher should either have shot the bull for a trophy or taken a picture with a tape measure.

    My point is that it is really difficult to find a loving caring life partner who makes lotsa dough doesn't have a prison record and likes children if you are going to limit yourselves to less than five percent of the population. Would you date an illiterate dwarf if he was packing a big ten inch? (Aerosmith reference for you in the know). Big dick doesn't equal good lover either. I've heard some sobbing about getting hard, staying hard and dribbly premature ejaculation (too much plumbing).

    Ladies your frustration is not because there are only a few good men its that only 5% of those men are well-hung.

  • Bobby Gipson

    I just want to state since you can't walk up to a woman and say I have a 9 and a half inch penis. I want to put the word out that I do. I'm single living in vegas and looking for women to date, network, etc.
    I just want to share what I have to anyone that's interested.

  • noel

    why does it matter of how long or thick a penis is, i think it should be if you can please the woman with different positions.

  • Kris Mueller


    The fact is, that a woman`s vagina has an everage length of about 4 inches, increasing to about 5 inches when (fully)sexuall arisen.
    There too, is some capability of beeing stretched, but this capability concerns more the diameter than the length.

    In result the man with a 7 " penis has aproximately the optimal "equipment" to give pleasure to a woman. I know from my own expirience that even with this a man can hear from about every other woman partner "Not so deep". Men with more than 7 " therefore are not "7 or better" and with more than 8 1/2 " its definitely (much) too much for 95 % of the women (search the internet under "optimal penis size".
    On the other hand, a huge diameter is extremely satisfying. I never met a woman who had difficulies to take my more than 2 1/4 inches across. (Of course, good positions, beeing tender and persevering that all matters, too.)
    There are not all, but about half of the women, who can take (cautiously and good lubricated, of course) a normal sized male hand inside - with pleasure.
    Kris, Germany

  • Cindy

    Great! Thanks for sharing info about 7 or better! I am joining it now, can't wait to meet someone wooohoooh! I definitely prefer a big penis to a small one. Too bad I am nowhere near Vegas Bobby, otherwise I would have definitely wanted to meet and get to know your personality among other things ;)

  • steve

    Hello ladies,does my 10 inch around count?I`m in homestead give me a jingle.Fatter than a soda can can be very fulFILLING.

  • http://AOL al

    My wife had two partners before me: described as "slightly bigger" yhan my 5" penis. Since she was 20, her vagina was still firm and tight, and we have had a satisfactory "fit" for 44 years. This experience makes me wonder if there might be a correlation between a stretched-out vagina and "needing" a larger penis?! Funny nobody ever brings that into the discussion!

  • Dave

    Now a days most men dont know a womans breast size because they stuff their bras or wear those decieving breast pads. They even have the butt pads for women with no butts. So what about that?

  • Nick Boner

    Mine is 12 inches, any women interested in dating