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Gay Marriage Map a Total Bummer

Still glowing from the victories in Vermont, Iowa, and Washington, D.C.? Check out this map from NPR laying out the "Legal Battle Over Gay Marriage," state-by-state. See all those blue states (all 40 of them)? Those all have defense of marriage acts or constitutional bans on the books, and no pending legislation challenging them.

The 10 other states (and the District of Columbia) either have legislation pending, have domestic partnerships or civil unions that afford equal rights with marriage, or allow gay marriage. Still, the big picture is looking pretty blue.

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    For a more sophisticated version of the "map", see this Wikipedia page:

    If we can win in NY, IL and CAL (which will take another vote) -- all of which are possible within the next few years -- we will have set the stage for a Supreme Court decision mandating nationwide recognition. There is no way that thousands and thousands of married gay couples are going to be forbidden from relocated on pain of losing their rights. And remember, that issue will be decided by a court with at least one and hopefully several Obama appointees.

    We've made amazing progress in a relatively short period of time. Keep the faith and keep up the pressure.

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