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Welcome to the Anti-Gay Auditions!

Here's the National Organization for Marriage's new anti-same-sex-marriage scare ad:


The Human Rights Campaign has released a report detailing the ad's inaccuracies, which is great. But the HRC has outdone itself this time by tracking down the audition reels of actors stumbling over ridiculous NOM lines like "the clouds are dark and the winds are strong, and I'm afraid." The auditions are after the jump.

Insider tip: The actress in "Audition 3" is unbelievable.

Auditions For Marriage Lie Ad, Part 1 from Joe Smoe on Vimeo.

Auditions For Marriage Lie Ad, Part 2 from Joe Smoe on Vimeo.

UPDATE: The original auditions have been pulled off Youtube. Vimeo picked them up, allowing us all to continue to laugh at unsuspecting actors duped into stumbling over ridiculous anti-gay rhetoric. Thanks, Vimeo!

UPDATE 2: Vimeo's pulled them, too. Citizen bloggers are downloading their own copies at and reposting them on youtube until they, too, are pulled. I'll try my best to keep this site updated with watchable videos.

  • M@

    I always tell people about the middle-aged gay couple who'd been together for 20 years who tried to convince a longtime girlfriend and I to get married, under god no less. They even offered to hire a minister and host the event on their country estate.

    So I'm trying to understand how homosexuals are threatening traditional marriage. I'm also trying to understand why African Americans so adamantly oppose the rights of gays to marry. Is it because they hate marriage in general? Seventy percent of black children don't have married parents.