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Anti-Gay Prop 8 Funder Joins Democratic Party

Anti-gay, anti-abortion, anti-stem cell, anti-Obama Democrats unite!

In a bizarre case of if-you-can't-beat-'em-join-'em, Howard Ahmanson has jumped GOP ship in favor of joining the Democratic Party. You may remember Ahmanson from when he was the conservative Evangelical mogul who proved instrumental in funding California's Proposition 8. But that was as long ago as last year!

Ahmanson, who "characterizes himself as a social conservative and a fiscal moderate," says he left mostly because he disagreed with the Republicans' mantra of "No new taxes whatsoever no matter what." He does, however:

- oppose abortion and stem-cell research

- still believe that homosexuals are sinners in need of Christian healing

- will support Obama if he does anything that would traditionally be supported by the Republicans.

So why did Ahmanson join the Democrats? Some nonsense about how Independents are "cowards" who are "stereotyped as social liberals and fiscal conservatives," unlike Ahmanson, who is socially conservative and fiscally slightly less conservative.

Plus, it's hilarious! Now that Ahmanson has established himself as a Democrat, he gets to describe himself as "now a blue-dog Democrat for Bobby Jindal for 2012."

Nevermind, I love this dude.

  • rainbow flower

    Don't forget to add "anti-colored people".

  • notyrmama

    I like this idea. I suggest that you, Amanda Hess, join the Eagle Forum or a similar group.

  • br

    Beyond Prop 8/CA Taxes

    Prop 8 Repeal Bid Begins

    This is why sodomy should be eliminate, gay legals disbarred, gay nonprofit charters revoked, CA legislature should be one house (Senate) per little Hoover commission, legislators should be part time as in FL, legislature should meet/vote electronically from their HOME/OFFICE WITHOUT STAFF, a state constitutional convention to reorganize the US into a loose confederacy so other states do not have recognize other state gay marriages, and CA should seek closer ties to China/Russia/Islamic nations vs the EU. Register American Independent Party.

  • cr84

    You confuse me with that rant.

  • beyond89

    we need to pass this bill. as 99problems sais we need to be on the right side of history and this will put us there.

  • Amanda Hess

    You're confused? I've already submitted by registration for the American Independent Party.

  • Eric

    I say we split the country in half, gays on one side and evil breeders on the other, allowing no cross-border interaction, and then and then in about 60 to 80 or so years, we can all get back together and settle our differences amicably.

  • Eric

    Correction to above: "and then and then" - should be corrected to simply, "and then".

  • Paranoid4AReason

    Interesting how these ruling class, politician/ceo folk feel they can just keep us busy enough with this illusion of a party system while the only party that exist keeps itself in power. That's the Capitalist Party. We are Renters, Mortgagors, and tenants. You could call us landless peasant F@***. Gay marriage is not a real issue of course it has real effects on real people but it's just here to keep us polarized, confused, and powerless.

    What will you do to fight this illegal ban and what will you do to fight the SOURCE of the problem. We have to react yes but we cannot simply be reactionary.

    Peace and Solidarity