The Sexist

Far-Right Anti-Abortion Group Harasses Other Far-Right Anti-Abortionists

What do far-right anti-abortion conservatives do while Democrats busy themselves in Congress and the White House with the economic crisis? They harass each other for not being far enough right and anti-abortion enough.


This time, it's the American Right to Life Action group repeatedly harassing Ann Coulter for her support of Mitt Romney, who is maybe pro-choice and also Mormon! (She gets pissed). This is all still relevant because Romney might come back in 2012 to secure his polygamous alien reign and abort your teenagers, or something.

  • ann cannon

    Circular firing squad and all that. AMAZING to watch!

  • Conrad Davis

    1. They are able to get ann so effectively because they emulate her style so exactly; they pick out some pedantic issue and talk about it exclusively as though it encompasses the entire debate.

    2. American Right to Life Action's logo is hilarious. A cartoony eagle holding a fetus in one wing and gesturing threateningly at evildoers with the other. It makes me think this entire thing is an elaborate parody.

  • Bob Enyart

    Conrad and Ann Cannon,

    Please consider. Intentionally killing an unborn child is murder. God made children in His image and likeness. Don't be hard-hearted against kids. Don't tolerate killing them. Oppose killing them. God takes killing the innocent personally! Please for your sake.