The Sexist

Tall Woman in a Short Dress

CP contributer Rend Smith wrote a profile for the Village Voice on Ashley Adair, a D.C. native who causes quite a stir whenever she strolls her six-foot-seven frame (with her stilettos, she's 7'2") around Manhattan for a night on the town. Adair, who admits she likes to dress provocatively to accentuate her height, very possibly experiences the most intense cat-calling known to woman.

Below, Adair in Times Square catches the attention of "Cuziin Twiz TV"


My personal favorite: "That ain't no lady, B . . . Get the interview, B!" Oh, Cuzin Twiz TV, you charmer.

Bonus in Smith's piece: Russell Simmons totally sneaking a peek at Adair's breasts, which fall just about at his eye level.

  • J

    I feel kinda bad for her. But at the same time she is wearing minis and heels in the tourist capital of the US!

  • Alex

    She's the type that knows that she's sexy despite what other people think. There needs to be more confident people like that in the world.

  • Al

    Sorry, but this is not a woman. See below. Someone should comment on youtube.


    Or search this number: (202) 903-6642

  • Amanda Hess

    Al---how does that make her not a woman?