The Sexist

When Search Engines Reinforce Gender Stereotypes

From tipster Mike Licht at Notions Capital comes this sexist Google correction:

My God. What could it all mean?

Google regularly offers up alternate search terms if they're similar to your phrase, but a more popular search. Strangely enough, "iron my shirt" became a popular Google search term after a heckler called out the phrase over and over again at a New Hampshire Hillary Clinton rally in January of last year. Relive the moment:


Clinton responded by declaring that "the remnants of sexism are alive and well." Later, it was revealed that the wrinkled shirt hecklers were two "radio geeks trying to create a radio stunt," one of whom identified himself to the newsmedia as Hugh Jas.

The Iron-My-Shirt guys (actually Nick Gemelli and Adolfo Gonzalez Jr.) may not have been out for real political protest, but look at where we are, one year later: Hillary Clinton is not the President of the United States, and Google is a little bit more sexist. Harmless prank or vast anti-woman conspiracy? You be the judge.

Screencap via Tom McMahon

  • Ashwaria

    These beliefs are so ingrained in our consciousness that many of us think that gender roles are natural, Even if we don't consciously subscribe to them as part of our own belief system, our culture bombards us with messages about what it means to be men and women today.