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What Minority Do Brits Hate the Most?

Researcher Pete Jones: "being gay or lesbian could be ‘the new black.'"

According to a study conduced by the British Psychological Society’s Division of Occupational Psychology, Brits hold the most "negative attitudes" toward lesbians, followed by gay men, Asians, blacks, and Southeast Asians. Here are the stats:

- 41 percent held prejudicial attitudes toward lesbians (!!!)
- 35 percent of those surveyed revealed negative attitudes toward gay men
- 28 percent held negative attitudes toward Asians
- 25 percent held negative attitudes toward Black populations
- 18 percent held negative attitudes toward Southeast Asians

The study is evidence for some that homophobia is a more widespread societal ill than is racism. Gay rights blogger Michael A. Jones tempers that assessment by writing that "homophobia and racism shouldn't be in a competition to outdo the other" and that both "deserved to be condemned equally."

It's worth noting the sample population the results are coming from. The study queried only 60 volunteers from a place without a significant recent history of institutionalized racism—say, South Africa or the American South. Also, the study doesn't address which forms of bigotry respondents felt comfortable relaying in a survey, and which prejudices they simply prefer to keep private.

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  • Conrad Davis

    This study is clearly flawed if it didn't address anti-ginger bias.

  • Amanda Hess

    The last acceptable form of bigotry.

  • Johhny Dee

    Seriously, though... 60 people from one place?

    Printing a breakdown of percentages with such a sample set is rather meaningless / disingenuous, no? (look! a study! percentage signs!)

    You could get a similarly significant sample from walking into a pub and shouting "oy, lads, what you think of the Welsh?"

    (Statistically, Quite a Lot of the Lads said they disliked the Welsh, but liked crisps.)