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Mason’s Homecoming King Speaks Out On Drag Queen

George Mason community bemused, infuriated by tiara recipient.

Drag queen Ryan Allen wasn't the only man to be honored at George Mason's homecoming festivities earlier this month. In a more traditional turn of events, fellow Mason man Ricky Malebranche was crowned Mr. Mason. Malebranche has possibly the most tempered opinion on the man-as-homecoming-queen broohaha:

"I think people are making this into something much bigger than necessary," Malebranche told the Broadside, George Mason's student newspaper. "I think it does not reflect badly on the school because it was just a matter of Ryan getting more of his friends to vote for him."

Offering the least reasonable commentary? Wendy Wright, president of "Concerned Women for America"—yes, the organization is really called that, and I promise to look further into how I might join it—called Allen's election a dangerous "youthful rebellion.

"It's clear that young people nowadays do not understand the confusion associated with gender identity disorder," Wright said. "[W]hat they intended as something to prove that they are 'tolerant,' they have instead validated a young man's psychological confusion."

Photo by lizjones112.

  • mdesus

    this young man has substantial psychological confusion. I like it validated at every chance.

  • Wesley

    I think that assuming he has psychological confusion shows just how limited your understanding for gender identity is. Simply because this young man chooses to dress is drag, as it seems he does outside of this most notable performance, does not mean he has any confusion. Many of the men who choose to perform drag are simply doing that, they are secure with either their homosexuality and gender identity as men, they are just performers who have chosen this medium and this form. It has little to nothing to do with gender identity or confusion resulting from it.

  • mdesus

    I meant this young man as in me.