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Does Hitting Women Make You More Of A Man?

Roissy thinks that Chris Brown beating Rihanna makes him an "Alpha." Writes Roissy:

Alpha isn’t always “amused mastery” or grace under pressure. Sometimes, in fact a lot of times, it’s a flying flurry of fists to the face, in the case of Rihanna leaving its demon mark as shadow horns on its victim AKA enabler.

The post then descends into a desperate and masturbatory pursuit of page views.

My favorite response to Roissy, from Uncommon Priors:

I am tempted to fly to D.C. and manifest my alphaness by beating the shit out of Roissy for this post.

Perhaps some good can come of this. All the men who think they're the Alpha-est get together and try to beat each other up the hardest. The winner gets to blog about how much he hates women from prison, where he won't get to see any.

  • Paul Gowder

    Hah, with any luck they'll still get to see women, in the form of prison guards with heavy nightsticks.

    "Hey, you bitch, I need more gruel... OUCH! STOP BEATING ME!"


  • Amanda Hoes

    And look at you, trying to get your own share of page views by linking to his blog. Bitch.

  • Will Sommer

    Glad someone wrote about that post. I'll take a lot of foolishness from Roissy, but that post was way too much. Especially he shows Rihanna's beaten face and says it's the face of alphaness.

  • Chuck

    If Roissy doesn't have a point then why do 50% of abused women go back to their abuser?

    Also, if Roissy doesn't have a point that *some* women are attracted to men who get physical with them then why are there rumors that Rihanna is trying to get back with Chris Brown?

    Also, if Roissy doesn't have a point then why haven't girls lost any love for Chris Brown through this whole ordeal?

  • Aaron


    Do you honestly think that these women wouldn't go back if their partners weren't abusing them? People endure all sorts of pain and grief at the hands -- sometimes literal, sometimes figurative -- of their partners, and then forgive them. It's just what happens in romance; we think we see some side to the person that nobody else sees and we delusively think it will be different "this time around." Also we tend to be better at remembering positive things than negative things about our partners. I.e. for every negative thing it seems we remember multiple positive things.

    Or here's another way to think about it: I know a guy whose son stole tens of thousands of dollars from him, but the guy forgave his son and now they are on good terms. Did the guy forgive his son and continue having a relationship with him because he enjoys being stolen from?

    I always thought wife-beaters were just hot-headed and impulsive. I wasn't aware of this variety who actually put effort in to justifying spousal abuse in general. Scary.

  • Aaron

    Wait, not justifying -- promoting.

  • mdesus

    oh amanda hoes you're so punny.

  • Chuck

    "Also we tend to be better at remembering positive things than negative things about our partners."

    yeah, tell that to my ex-girlfriend.

    "Did the guy forgive his son and continue having a relationship with him because he enjoys being stolen from?"

    I believe, and Roissy stated too, that women don't *enjoy* being hit per se, but the statistics and other strong anecdotal evidence from many sources show that it does turn some women on. Roissy and others who believe in the subject he writes about know that our modern day psychological structures are the same as they were 10,000 years ago. People's brains are hardwired to function similarly to how they did in pre-historic times. Do you not think those men hit women? Undoubtedly they did, and that show of power and a sexually excited response to it has been encoded in us.

    Hardly anyone is advocating hitting a woman; I certainly don't. I've never raised my hand to a woman. Roissy is just pointing out the fact that many women are not averse to being smacked around. This is an inconvenient truth of human nature.

    Again, as Roissy pointed out, Rihanna wants to be with Chris Brown. She could have almost any man she wanted, but she wants to get back with a man who beat her? Instead of all of you with your feminist sensibilities jumping down Roissy and others throats for pointing out an uncomfortable truth, attack Rihanna for wanting to get back with the guy.

  • Amanda Hess

    Something happened in the past 10,000 years, Chuck; civilization developed. Welcome!

    I'm not going to argue with Roissy as to whether or not Chris Brown qualifies as an "Alpha male." Alpha is a category co-opted by Roissy to describe men with characteristics that he values and that I do not. To give another example from over the past 10,000 years: I also would not be interested in arguing with Hitler as to which men would be qualified to be the best Nazis.

    No, I really don't give a shit who Roissy considers an Alpha. I'm merely pointing out that the men Roissy seems to value are men who deserve to be in prison.

    As for your solution, Chuck: I think we can all agree that the Alpha thing to do here is to re-attack a victim of abuse because we all read a rumor in US Weekly indicating that she still loves her abuser.

  • Lomein

    True alphas need only use physical threats or subtler forms of body language to get their way. A sub-alpha lower in the dominance hierarchy would have to resort to actual violence to do the sam because of his insecure status. If Roissy is going to reference primatology, she should actually read up on it.

  • Aaron

    Sure, you can call Rhianna an idiot or whatever; but that's like blaming a rape victim for walking alone in the dark. She's an idiot, but the rapist shouldn't have done it.

    And again, the reason (if it's true) she's getting back with him is, again, because of delusion, most probably.

    I believe, and Roissy stated too, that women don’t *enjoy* being hit per se, but the statistics and other strong anecdotal evidence from many sources show that it does turn some women on.

    Perhaps some women are turned on by that, but that kind of behaviour really needs to be consented to. If your girlfriend asks you to slap her during sex, sure. But you don't just presume. Some women also like and are aroused by anal sex, but you don't just jam it in her ass without her consent.

  • danica

    The idea that women are attracted to men who are abusive is absurd. Abuse, whether physical or emotional, is about control over another person. It's manipulation. It's telling a person (either with words or violence) that they don't deserve anything better, and shaming and scaring them into doing what the abuser wants. And often what the abuser wants the victim to stay in the relationship. Sometimes they just aren't secure enough to hold a stable, equal relationship without abuse.

    A victim returns to an abuser not because he or she is attracted to the abuse, but often because the abuser has convinced the victim, through the abuse, the he or she deserves the abuse and has no other alternative.

    Someone being turned on by sado-masochism or power play is an entirely different issue. As Aaron points out, and the BDSM community would agree with, there has to be consent. Abuse isn't about turning someone else on, it's about controlling them.

  • Sam Midhurst

    Godwin made an early appearance today.

  • Sam Midhurst

    or yesterday.