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George Mason’s Homecoming Queen Is A Drag

Last Saturday, George Mason University elected a man as Homecoming Queen. Newly mintedoyalty Ryan Allen, a 22-year-old gay man who "performs as a popular drag queen at local clubs," is now GMU's first male "Ms. Mason." He accepted the honor in "a sequined top, a black skirt and heels" (size 12). Despite being far and away the most awesome Ms. Mason in the university's history*, "sophomore Grant Bollinger" is annoyed!:

"It's really annoying," said Bollinger, who works as an ambassador for the admissions office. "The game was on TV. Everyone was there. All eyes were on us. And we do something like this? It's just stupid."

Oh, good thing that Grant Bollinger, admissions office ambassador, is here to rescue GMU's brief moment in the national spotlight by sharing his annoyance! Hey, everybody, for the record, Grant Bollinger thinks this is stupid. So when you think of George Mason, world, please: remember sophomore admissions officer ambassador Grant Bollinger's cry.

* Note: I have never heard of any other Ms. Mason, ever

  • Aviator

    Please! Why does the gay movement at GMU feel they need to infringe on a traditional concept of homecoming queen? A Queen is female a King is male. This isn't the Follies, the LBGT is apparently alive and well on GMU campus so why the "in your face" move to "elect" a male drag queen? It was stupid, there is a time and place for everyone to shine and this was not one for gay folks.

  • Geo4ever

    I was a long time supporter financially of George Mason University until last week.

    What was the reason and purpose of voting a man as Homecoming Queen? For diversity? Are you serious? What of the "real" women who are a influential and significant part of your University who've strived for the honor of representing your University?

    Is it that you look down on women who put in the work and effort to be a Home Coming Queen of a prominent University? Do most of you understand what it takes to win the title? Is that title so insignificant to your school that you turn it into a circus act?

    If you're not able to answer those questions, then I suggest you be prepared for the negative publicity you'll be receiving over the next couple of months. You'll think twice next time. But I suspect they'll be no next time.

    Shame on your George Mason. You'll get no more financial support from my healthy organization(which will remain nameless). And it will hurt, trust me.
    Corporation Name Withheld.

  • Mia

    Hi, I'm a Mason student. I think Aviator and Geo4ever are hilarious. Oh and Geo "4ever", I'm sure Mason will wither away without your awesum don8shuns.
    The fact that you all think that selecting a minority as queen rather than your traditional image shows how you are no in line with Mason's image. Mason is an inclusive place that is proud of its diversity and nondiscrimination. Why don't you support a discriminatory school to better reflect the filth that is immature yourselves?

  • Robert Kelly

    This is a disgrace and should not be allowed. It is making a mockery out of this university and all of its students.

  • Minh

    Grant Bollinger should be the embarrassadoor to George Mason University for his comments, not ambassador. Good luck getting his name off Google for online profiling his future employers will be doing more and more of.

  • Diane

    I'm also a Mason student and I don't see the issue with having a gay, cross dressing homecoming queen. I will have to agree with Mia. Mason is a diverse school with one of the (if not most) diverse student population of any university. I don't see why we have to stick to traditions especially with something as sexist and degrading as homecoming queen and king.

  • BGB

    Your all ridiculous. I do not attend GMU but its funny how Grants comments were taken as anti-gay. I think he was just aggravated because a homecoming queen is a female role and last time I checked, a man dressed as a female is not a female. If that were the case, could a male dressed as a female play on the womens GMU basketball team, or softball team...i would think probably not. Everyone is blowing this way out of proportion and everyone commenting on Grant probably has never met the kid.

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