The Sexist

Promotional Materials Not to Send Me: “Classic Erotic Art” Edition

Return to Sender: Postcard advertising "Classic Erotic Art" presented "in a special live exhibition photoshoot," featuring Playboy's Angelina Leigh and "internationally acclaimed photographer" Jerry Harke.

Promotional Info I’m Not Interested In [crossed out]:

- Playboy's Angelina Leigh's jorts.

- Playboy's Angelina Leigh's legs spread over the armrest of a wicker chair

- Playboy's Angelina Leigh's areola peeking out from her bra

- Playboy's Angelina Leigh

- Internationally acclaimed photographer Jerry Harke (spared: Hey, I wrote my first City Paper arts feature on the guy!)

Exhibit A: They just haaaad to put "Classic" in there.

Exhibit B: Did I mention the areola?

I Rest My Case: Oh course Jerry Harke's photo is juxtaposed to make him appear to be staring directly at her breasts.

  • http://EatYourMate John Dutkiewicz

    jealous? most woman who complain of this are. They also probably look like men, have no sex appeal, or sex and take it out by venting. This is a classic example. They also don't shave their legs, have guy haircuts and are very heavy.

  • Scott Griffin are one uptight bitch. Get the stick out of your ass and relax. Jealousy is an ugly thing.

  • Amanda Hess

    I do have a guy haircut, jealous?

  • Flutterby

    So you received a porn ad that was indiscriminately mailed to you? Horrors!

    Honestly, this seems like an irrelevant blurb showcasing your annoyance at seeing this. Posting it accomplishes very little.