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How to Say “Virginity Is No Longer A Virtue” In Spanish

A colleague of mine at the paper is taking a Spanish language course. "It's a great class!" he says. Lesson number two, provided by Learning Spanish Like Crazy, was especially stimulating:


Above, learn the meaning of phrases like!:

"Es necesario usar condon para evitar enfermedades contagiosas"

"La virginidad ya no es mas un valor"

and my personal favorite:

"Decidio que un aborto solucionaria sus problemas."

BONUS: One phrase is translated, "Freud invented the concept of Pennis envy."

  • mdesus

    Freud invented it, but I cause it with every person whose ever seen me naked.

  • Amanda Hess

    how do you say "Pennis" in Spanish?

  • Lawntawndra Jankins

    I wonder if that is not true....just my conclusion after living next door to my neighbors Maria Del Hor and her side kick trollup bitch daughter who was always trampin it up the way she did..

  • Lawntawndra Jankins

    You say "Pennis" as "Pinga."