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The Morning After: Heteronormativity Off Edition

* Wow! Creepiest ending to a Craigslist personals ad in recent memory: "There is a unique kind of yoga I've been doing...when I'm not at the gym"

* Womenstake's Melanie Ross Levin describes the scene at the signing of the Ledbetter Fair Pay Act. "Surrounded by a “who’s who” from the women’s movement, I couldn’t help but feel overwhelmed by the significance of this occasion," she writes. "As a newbie to the White House signing ceremony world, I ran around the room trying to capture the moment by taking as many photos and talking to as many people as possible." Ha ha, n00b!

* Gender Goggles reviews "Violet," an "interactive fiction game in which you are a graduate student attempting to finish your dissertation"—and in which you can make your protagonist a lesbian by choosing the "heteronormativity off" option.

* Lisa Schiffren of the National Review is unsurprisingly nonsensical, this time about the Obamas hiring a new White House chef, like every other Presidential family has done from the beginning of time ever. She writes: "But today, news comes that the Obamas will not run a national Top Chef competition—because they are bringing their own, private chef from Chicago to the White House. Well, isn't that nice?"

Short answer: It is not nice, it is terrible in every way except that it now allows Schiffren to smugly dangle in front of us all this incontroversial evidence of what Michelle Obama has been all along—an elitist servant-driver and a shitty mom. "I believed all that stuff about how Michelle was an overburdened modern working mother, rushing from school dropoff to her high-paying, demanding work at the hospital, to dress fittings, to whatever it was she needed to do to support her husband's political aspirations, back home to take care of her daughters," writes Schiffren. "Call me naive, but that model usually includes making dinner." It gets better—later, Schiffren evokes Sarah Palin!

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  • Conrad Davis

    Lisa Schifferen's article is at The New Republic, not The National Review. (Acronyms!) Here's the link. -gop-partisan.aspx

  • Conrad Davis

    Jesus all that is completely wrong I need to stop drinking this early.

  • Amanda Hess

    Indeed. But I've put a link in there anyway to avoid confusion; apologies for omitting it on the first go-around.

  • eloriane

    Hey, thanks for the link! Violet really is a fun game-- did you try it?

    And I just "love" that Schiffren article (where "love" means "loathe"). She even invokes arugula in the title, apparently completely unironically!

  • Amanda Hess

    Agh, please help me with the arugula reference! Why is arugula invoked?

  • Conrad Davis

    Using "collared greens" as a code word would be too obvious.

  • John

    During the primaries Obama was skewered for saying to Iowa farmers "have you seen how much they charge for arugula at Whole Foods these days?" Of course, theres no Whole Foods anywhere near Iowa. Therefore, he must be an out of touch elitist liberal.

  • Amanda Hess

    Thanks, John! Now I can sleep soundly.