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Good Guys Arsonist to be Sentenced Today

Vasile Graure,the 38-year-old Arizona truck driver convicted of setting fire to Glover Park strip club Good Guys last year, will be sentenced today by Judge Robert I. Richter. As I reported in November, Graure was convicted on thirteen counts—including assault with intent to kill, assault with a dangerous weapon, arson, and mayhem. At that time, the U.S. Attorney’s Office for the District of Columbia provided some information about the statutory maximum sentences for each of Graure’s charges:

- Assault With Intent to Kill While Armed (three counts): 30 years per count
- Assault With a Dangerous Weapon (four counts): 10 years per count
- Aggravated Assault While Armed: 30 years
- Mayhem While Armed: 30 years
- Arson: 10 years
- Burglary II While Armed (two counts): 30 years per count
- Felony Destruction of Property: 10 years

I'll update later today with Richter's decision. Until then, you can read my comprehensive trial coverage here. It was a doozy.