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Barack Obama Inauguration Draws Millions of People, Several Crazy People


The Huffington Post points us to this video of members of the Westboro Baptist Church of Topeka, Kansas protesting Obama's inauguration yesterday on Pennsylvania Ave. From HuffPo:

NomadsLand provides a nice video of the Westboro clan getting worked over by the more well-adjusted crowd and giving their typical bizarre answers to everything. I especially love the part where one church member explains the crypto-zoology behind the size of various mythical beasts' horns.

My favorite is when they all chant "Anti-Christ! Anti-Christ!"

  • gianfalco

    Obama inauguration as a sliding door...

  • Sady

    Wonderful. My friends and I have been practicing cutting remarks such as "SHUT UP" and "NO" all day.

    "Don't you think you've had enough coff-"

    "SHUT UP."

    "Because, seriously, it's been three cup-"

    "NO. NOOOO. NO."

    Debate! Glorious debate!

    Now sad and irrelevant news: I can find NO PICTURES of President George Herbert Walker Bush and his cunning fur hat/yellow turtleneck/purple cravat inauguration ensemble. The man showed up in public dressed like CHUCK BASS, and the media provides me no coverage! This is something I rely upon the Washington City Paper to expound upon, at length.

  • Amanda Hess

    It's a cravat snow job!

  • gordon parlarmeno

    The Anti-Christ is someone against Christ. Obama refused his 2nd (official) oath with a Bible. The Anti-Christ unites the people of the world and gets them to follow/believe in him through his words/speeches. Obama has nearly achieved this already. People are in tears all over the world thinking him their savior. The Anti-Christ will be followed by the masses and then he will begin to grow in power and destroy all that is Christian. Obama does not intend to follow the 10 commandments nor encourage others to do so. OBAMA IS THE ANTI-CHRIST.

  • bill

    Fred W. and Margie M. Phelps, Sr.
    Westboro Baptist Church
    3701 S.W. 12th Street
    Topeka, Kansas 66604

    Karl and Deborah Kay Hockenbarger
    James Hockenbarger/Jennifer Hockenbarger
    1929 S.W. Lane
    Topeka, Kansas 66604

    Fred W. Phelps. Jr. and Betty Phelps
    3600 S. W. Holly Lane
    Topeka, Kansas 66604

    Margie J. Phelps
    3734 S.W. 12th
    Topeka, Kansas 66604

    Ben Phelps
    3632 S.W. Churchill
    Topeka, Kansas 66604

    Rebekah Phelps-Davis and Chris Davis-Phelps
    1216 S.W. Cambridge
    Topeka, Kansas 66604

    Theresa Davis
    3632 S.W. 12th Street
    Topeka, Kansas 66604

    Shirley Phelps-Roper and Brent Roper-Phelps
    Sam Phelps-Roper
    3640 S.W. Churchill
    Topeka, Kansas 66604

    Jonathan and Paulette Phelps
    840 S.W. Watson
    Topeka, Kansas 66606

    Elizabeth Phelps
    2001 S.W. 2nd Street
    Topeka, Kansas 66606

    Abigail Phelps
    3636 S.W. Churchill
    Topeka, Kansas 66604

    Charles W. and Mary Hockenbarger
    711 N.W. Page
    Topeka, Kansas 66617

    Rachel Phelps Hockenbarger and Charles F. Hockenbarger
    1284 S.W. Hillsdale
    Topeka, Kansas 66604

    Tim and LeAnn Phelps
    3743 S.W. 12th Street
    Topeka, Kansas 66604

  • lizzy

    I think that OBAMA IS THE ANTI CHRIST that is my opinion... if you dont want to belive that, that is fine with me but i think you guyz should pick up your bibles and read the last book of the new testinemt

  • lizzy

    BILL what is up with the addresses

  • Gadunka

    The antichrist is like the bogeyman for grownups!

  • Berny

    I think anyone who believes Obama is the Anti-Christ needs to have their head examined. If anything, Bush fit the bill way better.
    Besides, as any serious Bible scholar will tell you, the Anti-Christ of Revelation was the Roman Emperor Nero. It's ancient history, not prophecy.

  • Permagrin

    To those say that Obama is the antichrist: You are feeble-minded simpletons. Superstitious fools, Ignorant, small-brained imbeciles.

    That is all. Thank you.



    the sky is falling the sky is falling. oh noes the antichrists the antichrists. HELP ME JEEBUS! HELP ME TOM CRUISE!

  • D.

    Westboro baptist people are freaks. Oi people GET OVER IT Obama is the new president. get a grip.

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  • Vick

    if you say Obama is Anti-Christ then prove it. he has stated that he is in fact Christian just like the rest of you, and i'd find it very funny to see fellow Christians calling me an "Anti-Christ" when i'm supposed to be living for the same cause as you. so that's why i say prove it. you can say he is - you can say anything you want he is - but that doesn't prove anything about him. and it's quite apparent with conventional, generic, excommunicated Christians who typically take things out of context and generate their own beliefs (henceforth hypocrites) based on a general consensus to believe in one other person's beliefs (usually a church Pastor) who might have gotten the wrong word or rumor, fail to research it, and mislead an entire community into obliviousness. sometimes i think a true Anti-Christian are "Christians" like these who believe what they want to and not what is the truth.

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