The Sexist

You’ve Changed, U Street

Last night, a man boarded a 90 bus headed up U Street in the midst of an historic weekend for the city of Washington, D.C. "Wow, U Street's changed," the man remarked. "I haven't been on a bus in years. It's a beautiful thing, though. What do they call it? Gentrification or some shit?"

"Hey, baby girl," he remarked to the woman sitting across from him.

"I'm half-Cuban, half-Cherokee, half-brother," he informed her.

"Wow, three halves," she replied. The half-Cuban, half-Cherokee, half-brother inquired as to whether she would like to party with him that evening. The Baby Girl declined. She and her male companion disembarked at the next stop.

"Everyone on this bus," he announced. "I apologize for my inflammatory statements and for the tone of my voice. I am sorry. I am. It was bad. It was not right."

"I apologized," he continued, speaking now only to himself. "I made a public speech. I said I was sorry."

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