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New Adams Morgan Bar Loves the Ladies; Dudes, Not So Much

As local blogger Tim at the 42 reported yesterday, the 2323 18th St NW spot formerly occupied by Nolan's will open again this Saturday. The replacement, "The Town Tavern," has some gender-specific rules for entrance, and they're not benefiting Adams Morgan's storied dude population.

Here are some specifics: Women 21 and over can enter, but men must be 23. "No unaccompanied groups of males" are allowed. Most of the dress code applies to both genders (No Hats, No Visors, No Do-Rags, No Tank Tops, No Cut-Offs, No Sleeveless Shirts, No Jerseys, No Sneakers, No Combat Boots), but one rule is men only: they've gotta wear collared shirts.

These rules appear to be condescending toward the neighborhood's men, but really, I think they're more offensive to women. The collared shirts, the older men, the anti-friends-groups rule; they're all made assuming that this is what women want, and that ladies will be falling over themselves to line-up to experience these perfectly calibrated hook-up conditions.

Whether Town Tavern can convince Adams Morgan to abandon its free-for-all clusterfuck hook-up culture for a more refined, collared experience remains to be seen. Drink up Town Tavern's full set of rules, after the jump:

The Town Tavern Door Policy

Gentlemen: 23 Years & Above to Enter
Ladies: 21 Years & Above to Enter

You Must Present Two Valid Forms of Government Issued Photo Identification to Enter—No Exceptions

Dress Code Strictly Enforced (No Exceptions): Appropriate Attire Required At All Times. Gentlemen, Collared Shirts Only. No Hats, No Visors, No Do-Rags, No Tank Tops, No Cut-Offs, No Sleeveless Shirts, No Jerseys, No Sneakers, No Combat Boots.

No College ID Excepted Ever, No International Student ID Cards Accepted, No Form of Expired Identifications Accepted, No Paper Temporary Licenses Accepted Without Accompanying Picture ID, Backup Photo Identification Required On All Out Of State Licenses

No Unaccompanied Groups Of Males

Door Close and Lights Up 30 Minutes Prior to Closing Time


Please Be Courteous And Respectful Of Our Neighbors

Management Reserves All Rights

Thank You For Joining Us Please Have a Safe & Responsible Evening

Photo by rachelvoorhees

  • andrew

    Looks like a place I will never be going. T-shirt and out of state ID = screw you.

  • Amanda Hess

    But the cast of the Hills will be there Sunday!

  • andrew

    But alas, since I also wear sneakers, Audrina wouldn't give me a second look.

  • Greg

    thank god im gay.

  • Glenn

    They had better watch out: we reported on this type of practice back in September--

    It is not legal, and ABRA can frown quite convincingly.

  • Ed

    Two forms of government-issued photo ID?
    This seems to be filled with more fail than the gender-based dress code requirements.

  • Cait

    "No College ID Excepted Ever." I'm glad they're so grammatically correct.

  • Tony

    Odd for a bar in the District to have a policy requiring special provisions for those with "out-of-state" ID. I mean if you're going to be that pretentious about your entrance policy, at least pay homage to our lack of statehood...

  • Nik

    Therefore, Maryland and Virginia residents heading to this spot will need to bring drivers licenses and a passport?

  • roissy

    a door policy that excludes herds of sausage may not be a good business move, but it is a good move for guys who want to maximize their odds of picking up.

    and paradoxically, women prefer to go to places where the ratio is tilted in favor of more women to men. a venue that is 2:1 women to men has a much more appealing vibe.

  • dtrapp

    So what is this place going to do for me? Dollar Dom night?

  • jcm

    Two forms of ID? This place won't last six months, but in the meantime I bet the establishments next door to them will be happy.

  • Amanda Hess

    I'm checking out this joint this weekend. I'll holler back when I do.

  • Elyse

    All federal employees will be welcome!

  • KCinDC

    The "two forms of government-issued photo ID" rule alone eliminates 95% of potential customers, probably 97% since Maryland and Virginia driver's licenses apparently don't count. How many people carry their passports when going out?

  • WOV

    Military aside, who the hell even has two forms of *government issued* ID on them? (not including a passport, which if you want me to carry out for your convenience, bar owner, you have to seriously reconsider who's working for whom...)

    They probably just mindlessly copied the "two forms of ID" sign they had seen somewhere else and the "government issued ID" they had seen somewhere else and glued them together.

  • monkeyrotica

    and paradoxically, women prefer to go to places where the ratio is tilted in favor of more women to men. a venue that is 2:1 women to men has a much more appealing vibe.

    I have to wonder though. Will this be good for business? Men on the whole tend to drink more, as well as pay for the ladies' drinks. And what's the consensus on tipping? Do men or women tip better?

  • wcp blah blah

    gay bars in Baltimore and DC in the 70's and 80's used to ask for multiple forms of ID when they were trying to keep people of color and lower (even lower) class out of their bars. Sometimes they'd ask for up to 4 pieces! Maybe Nolan's is just nodding their head to that rich, storied history. A place in Adam's Morgan with a sense of tradition is the only place good enough these ladeez

  • loganmo

    You straight people have the most f*cked up traditions and rules for your clubs...

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  • seriously.

    @loganmo - Gay folks have f*cked up traditions for their clubs too -- That lesbian bar over in easter market won't even let men IN if they are not accompianed/chaperoned by a woman. No matter their age or their attire. that's f*cked up and wrong, too.

    I won't be going to either until they figure out that gender discrimination is gender discrimination no matter what the intent is and who they *think* they're benefiting.

  • Kathleen

    Jesus, this reminds me of when I used to live in Massachusetts. It's so annoying and risky to have to carry your passport around just so you can buy a stupid beer. Screw them - I'll just keep going to my favorite casual bars that don't eye me suspiciously when I walk up with an out-of-state license.

  • Roissy

    My parents used to have swinger parties at our house when I was growing up. They had a similar door policy to keep riff-raff out. I was never allowed to attend the parties but I could hear everything that went on downstairs. People complained about the door policy but I think it worked out for the best.

  • CarrieAnne

    This isn't just sexist, it's elitist and wrong. What woman in her right mind wants to go to a bar when all the men are dressed the same? And how would anyone be able to distinguish which guy they were talking about when they finally do spot The One leaning against the wall pouting and pretending to not care?
    "That guy, right there, with the alternating black and white striped shirt. No, not that one. No, the guy with the gelled hair. No, the other one. Nope, more to the right. No, you've gone too far over. Right there! Ah, never mind. They're all the same anyway."

  • Binklesworth

    What's up with this:
    “No unaccompanied groups of males”

    Isn't a group considered...companied...By definition?
    I don't understand!!!

    One place in Adams Morgan I'll never go.

  • DirtyGunz

    As a former bouncer of Nolan's, Adam's Morgan resident and DC native, I don't see what the fuss is all about. The owners most likely visited Nolan's on a weekend night, saw the clientele and decided they didn't want the riffraff, frat boy, Marines (yes I've been a bouncer for over ten years and when they're on leave, they frequently start trouble.) As their clients. That's their prerogative.

    What's the big deal? Have you been to 18th Street, Lounge, Marvin's,Fly, Current or any other non-dive bar? Many of these places enforce similar policies. Even Nolan's(a dive bar) had a no; white t-shirts,hats,boot,student id's,expired license policy. Although I frequent bars like The Raven, Asylum, and Toledo Lounge, it's nice to have a change on the strip.

    Anytime an upscale bar opens in DC some people get bent out of shape and will say things like,
    "This isn't New York!"
    No, it's not, but it's not Frederick either. It's DC, a Capital city and a white collar town. Sometimes its nice to dress it up a little, and yes, put on a collard shirt and take the lady out.

    Ad-Mo still has a plethora of bars you can get tanked, grab a jumbo slice of "pizza" throw up on the curb and watch a fight. Far too many in fact

    I'm glad an upscale place is coming to my neighbor hood and I don't need to cab to get there.

    If DC is becoming too ritzy for you, there's always Cleveland...
    Remember DC. Keep it classy... at least 50% of the time.

  • MickeyD’s

    Focus on everything else that is wrong with this place, but not the "two forms of id required". That policy is just a safety backup for them if they come across a shady ID, but is rarely enforced. If you look closely, there are more than a few bars in AM that have that same policy posted (like the Reef).

  • cairo

    adams morgan sucks anyway

  • Benny

    They may as well just say "white only."

  • iggysentme

    Don't forget ze asians!

  • DirtyGunz

    To Benny, poster 29.
    No Cut-Offs, No Sleeveless Shirts, No Combat Boots

    To me, it looks like they don't want gay construction workers.... But that's just my thinking.

  • laura

    i'm looking to putting on my collared shirt and taking my girlfriend out for a real night on the town!

  • TJ

    You can tell this place is managed and operated by a bunch of douches. And apparently, that's the kind of clientele they're trying to attract.

  • WhySoSerious

    Collared shirts?! Perhaps they think they will pull in a better class of folks but they will just piss people off. Despite its rep as a frat-boy, college age, hook up neighborhood (which I'm fine with), there are several nice venues in AD including The Reef, Bourbon, Felix, etc. None of those places has such a tyrannical entrance code.

    And no one carries two Gov't IDs. Its usually your license and a credit card. I sure as hell am not bringing a Passport out just to buy an overpriced cocktail.

  • mdesus

    wait did you just call the reef nice? Also all bar entrance rules are selectively enforced. If Brody Jenner wants to wear a tshirt and tennies then Brody Jenner wears a tshirt and tennies. Ya dig?

  • J

    The concept I think is fine, just not in Adams morgan. I know the GM and hes really nice. I say folks need to wait to judge till its been here awhile. It does fine in NY

  • yeah, this place will close and soon. it's too much, even for adams morgan. the two forms of ID will really kill them. adams morgan is only good sunday - thursday and during the daytime weekends.

  • Stink

    What is this "out of state" ID policy?

    Last time I checked, Washington, DC is not a state. More of a state of mind, but not a state. Seriously. What the hell is going on down there!????

    I thought Barack would fix all of this.

  • keybridge

    This place is part owned by Kyle Sweeney, a professional lacrosse player and former Georgetown captain.

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  • Simon

    This whole thing likely violates 42 USC Sec. 1981, as well as the privileges and immunities clause (requiring more ID for out-of-staters).

  • Ed Meese

    It doesn't require more id from out-of-staters. It's simply redundant. Compare "You Must Present Two Valid Forms of Government Issued Photo Identification to Enter—No Exceptions" and "Backup Photo Identification Required On All Out Of State Licenses" -- everybody already had to show two forms of photo ID, they're just too lazy and ignorant to include proper English as part of their high-class atmosphere.

    I don't drink with Nazis, so it won't be a problem.

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  • Shingo

    No thanks. I live in America, not 1944-Nazi-Germany.