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Joe Biden Is What A Feminist Looks Like

The most recent issue of Ms. Magazine has stirred up some controversy for featuring a superhero president-elect in a bodice-ripping illustration that reveals a shirt that reads, "This is What a Feminist Looks Like." Some feminists have reacted with outrage at the president-elect's imaginary rifling of their closest.

"[T]he easy to please feminists over at Ms. Magazine put Barack Obama on the cover and gush like teeny-boppers that Obama is some Feminist Super Man who will, presumably, save us little wimin," wrote the Tennessee Guerilla Women.

"[O]h, the irony of picturing a feminist as a superMAN," wrote a poster on Hillary's Village.

"This seems designed to mock people who supported Hillary Clinton during the Democratic Primary. Why does Ms. want to do that now?" writes Feminist Law Professors.

I'm not offended by the cover's assertion that Barack Obama looks like a feminist, but I am disappointed that his Vice Presidential pick and fellow feminist Joe Biden hasn't received the same ridiculous superhero photoshop treatment. I implore you, Ms.: release a Biden version! Check out my blinged-out Biden entry, after the jump:

Joe Biden Is What A Feminist Looks Like

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You're welcome!

  • The Gay Recluse

    Love the blingee! (Let's hope they're equally heroic on the same-sex front.)

  • mdesus

    obligatory offensive comment.

  • Caro

    Haha... I'm totally tired of this PUMA-esque controversy already (and it's only been a day), but I do love your Joe Biden version! Biden deserves plenty of feminist cred for VAWA alone.