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Running of the Brides Schedule Announced

Interested in converting your commitment ceremony to the person you love into a farcical display of your own vanity and/or a parable for the nation's economic woes? You're in luck! Filene's Basement has released the dates for this year's "Running of the Brides" bridal sales, the annual event wherein women compete in a contest of speed, agility, and taste to secure relatively inexpensive ornate white gowns. No Bridezilla stampedes will be held in Washington, ladies, so the District's enterprising brides-to-be will have to skirt over to one of the event's five other locations:

Aventura, Fla, Jan. 16; Columbus, Ohio, Jan. 30; Boston, Mass., Feb. 20; Manhattan, Feb. 27; Atlanta, Ga., March 20.

Photo by mistercullen.

  • lino nasca

    SOLOSPOSEFELICI - Wedding running (Milan - Italy)

    Are you ready to do everything for the love of your life?
    Even running with a wedding dress to catch the perfect partner?
    Who’s gonna win the challenge?

    you look this funny video, it is a wedding running in Milan