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Gay Rights Op-Ed Headline Win

Frank Rich's column in Saturday's New York Times was an indictment of Barack Obama's mixed message on gay rights in light of the Rick Warren pick (side-note: totally over this). But the headline's funnier out of context:

You’re Likable Enough, Gay People

The title is a nod to Obama's primary season declaration that "You're likable enough, Hillary." But next to Rich's smug head shot, it looks more like this.

  • Josh

    You're not the only one totally over this. The bitching from certain individuals and groups in the GLBT community is making me throw up a lil in my mouth. Maybe it's because I grew up with the kind of Baptists who thought Falwell was too liberal (which would make Warren look like Bernie Sanders), or because I'm not a fan of selective inclusiveness championed by Joe Solmonese Inc., but I fail to see the great horror with Obama inviting Warren.

    So the preacher doesn't support gay marriage. Big whoop. Alot of misguided Americans think that way, including Obama.

    I know Warren has been very outspoken in regards to Prop 8, but when my fellow gheys & lesbyterians act like toddlers throwing a temper tantrum because The One invited a non-HRC-approved preacher to his Inauguration, it's pathetic. It only hurts our community because when we face an actual threat to our rights, heteros will be less likely to pay attention to our message.