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Bailing Out Abortionists Is Like Paying Irresponsible European Backpackers

Erick Anderson of Ladyblog, who admits that she "despises Planned Parenthood," is a little bit ticked that abortion providers have submitted a proposal to the Obama-Biden transition team asking for 1.5 billion dollars. Then, she equates Planned Parenthood's cause to her recent European vacation:

I guess the abortion industry thought they’d jump on the bailout wagon too. Why not? Come to think of it, I spent way too much when I went to Europe this year…what was I thinking? Can the government take pity on me and refund all those lost Euros?

Thinky parts of brain whirring and whirring, and still can't come up with explanation for this analogy. Do women's health centers now double as romantic, fiscally irresponsible luxury destinations? Or was one of the culturally rich activities on Anderson's trip the extermination of millions of innocent unborns? Oooh, don't make me choose!

  • Sady

    Personally, I'm more upset that they've co-opted the term "ladyblog" than anything else. My favorite word: gone! What will they take next, "doucheburger?"

  • Amanda Hess

    I'm officially taking "Ladyblog" back.

  • Jillian Bandes

    We are, in fact, planning on co-opting the word "doucheburger" next — sorry to make you more, uh, sad, Sadly.

  • Amanda Hess

    What do you plan to do with doucheburger!

  • Sad(l)y

    You've found me out! I am, in fact, Sadly Whoplash, a villainous rogue who specializes in combining words with other words in order to make new words, which I then trademark and sell at high prices, for I am a staunch believer in the free market, which, like the Second Amendment, is a great American concept which is well known for never having any disastrous consequences when put into practice.


  • RW Fetusvis

    Is $1.5 billion a lot of money in a nation of 300 million to promote and terminate pregnancies?

    And if you can't submit your billion and a half request to the most abortion friendly guy in Chicago who doesn't want to see his girls "punished with a baby" then who?

    Then on a larger note, who is more sympathetic to late abortions than Obama? He's not a stickler if the baby is five, six, seven, nine months or even outside the womb.

    Sounds like the right guy to submit the increase to if you ask me.

    And think about the children. All those 13 year olds that get knocked up by their 7th-12th grade boyfriends who are depending on publicly financed abortions with no parental notification.

    Do it for the children!

    Friends of Barack