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Sex Vs. Internet: Get Real, America

Matthew Yglesias thinks the numbers in CNN's widely-circulated Internet sex survey have been blown out of proportion. Yglesias says the numbers—which reported what percentages of men and women would sooner give up sex for two weeks than the Internet—are actually not terribly high. Forty-six percent of women and 30 percent of men reported that they were willing to stay abstinent for a fortnight in order to keep connected.

Personally, I'd go further and say that the numbers are stunningly low. Speaking from a high place of authority on this matter—I am a sex blogger—choosing Internet over sex for two weeks is a no-brainer. The reason is because time in the sexual realm is so different from time in the Internet world. If a single person goes two weeks without sex, it's not out of the ordinary. If a blogger goes two weeks without posting, she's likely dead.

I think we have to consider the possibility that 56 percent of women and 70 percent of men are just lying so that CNN thinks they're cool. Here's a follow-up survey: How many of these people have actual sex every two weeks? And how many are incurable Internet nerds refreshing Fleshbot on their RSS feeds every two hours?

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