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Prop 8 Protest Roundup

As fires raged in Southern California, protesters around the world gathered to voice their opposition to California's Prop 8.

* Flickr user Grant Gochnauer snaps this great sign from a Chicago protest (above).

* The L.A. Times details a 1992 Colorado battle against an anti-anti-discrimination amendment that suggests how the fight in California might proceed.

* Andrew Sullivan attends the Washington, D.C. Prop 8 protest. The Daily Dish has more scenes from protests around the world.

* Jezebel also collected Prop 8 protest photos from readers across the country.

* D.C. protest attendee Paula Brooks came angry and left hopeful.

* In pro-Prop 8 news: D.L. Hughley hits the radio to explain why he is "against the gay lifestyle." He was a guest on the Tom Joyner Morning Show last week.

* Meanwhile, Michelle Malkin keeps her eye on Prop 8 protests to watch for "blacklisting, harassment, and intimidation" by protesters.

* Comedian Wanda Sykes came out of the closet for Prop 8 this weekend. And I love her!

* Tiger Beatdown sounds off on homophobia in Ohio.

Submit more Prop 8 protest news in the comments.

  • Laryssa

    Thanks so much for sharing this news. Too Shy to Stop photographer Shaun Bell took a bunch of photos at the Prop 8 protest in DC. You can view the photo essay here.

  • Amanda Hess

    Hey, this is great. Thanks for posting.

  • A.M. Sacramento

    As much as I’d like to say that the protests are all american, I just can’t. They’re too destructive and out of control.

    I’ve been watching protesters marching back and forth, and the poor souls who have been attacked for personal donations, I just have to say I’m glad to hear this one—People coming together! For good! There’s hope!

    Leatherby’s Boycott Melts–The Inside Scoop
    Supporters line out the door in support of Family Ice Cream Parlor, delivering a humiliating defeat to protesters

    The inside scoop from the front lines on the Leatherby’s boycott is that Leatherby’s loyal supporters pommeled the opposition. Standing in front of the store holding signs and giving away free ice cream, the dozen or so protesters were perplexed by the stream of constant customers.

  • Amanda Hess

    This is hilarious.