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Good Guys Fire: The Trial

On Nov. 4, 2007, a man was kicked out of Glover Park's Good Guys strip club for taking photos of the strippers with his cell phone. He left, but returned with a lighter and gasoline and set the club's manager on fire. Two days later, police and U.S. Marshalls found their suspect, Vasile Graure, in a hotel room at Alexandria's Days Inn. He was charged with assault with intent to kill eight people—the manager, who suffered second and third degree burns, and seven others inside the club.

One year later, the 38-year-old Romanian citizen, a Phoenix resident, is being tried in D.C. Superior Court. Opening statements in the case began on Monday; I'll be at the trial all day today, posting updates of the proceedings as they happen.

  • Ivey Mcgath

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