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Ugly Michelle Obama Dress Design Not Actually Designed By Ugly Dress Designer

Last week's Daily Beast feature which asked former Project Runway contestants to design a Michelle Obama inauguration gown—using only ridiculous materials and some pluck—accidentally asked the wrong Jay McCarroll to design the dress. According to Jezebel, The Beast actually contacted one Jay McCarrol, who has but one "L" in his last name, is not a well-known clothing designer, and has won no national reality television contests. McCarrol proved up to the challenge, however, taking the Beast at their word and asking a friend to sketch up a design for Michelle. McCarrol's buddy, a 20-year-old student, came up with this pretty okay design, above, considering that the anonymous designer could only use burlap sacks and American flags as material. Tina Brown's new Web-first outfit recieves a warning, while the fake McCarrol's young friend establishes herself as a front-runner for the next season of Project Runway.

UPDATE: I'd like to just comment here to clarify the headline of this post, because there's been some confusion in the comments. I'm not calling the lovely Michelle Obama nor the talented Jay McCarroll ugly. I'm calling the dress design ugly. Proceed to rip me apart for my misguided fashion criticism.

  • Tammy

    What's with the "ugly" dress designer? Who calls people ugly? Is that supposed to be funny?

  • Amanda Hess


    No, actually. Here, just as I am not intending to refer to Michelle Obama as ugly, I am also not intending to refer to Jay McCarroll as ugly. Rather, I do not care for his clothing designs. I apologize for the confusion.

  • Rachel Peepers

    Ugly comments about Michelle Obama. I would call Michelle a bit big boned, but I’m sure she weighs under 190 pounds. Of course, she probably outweighs Barack, but so what. We’re too hung up on looks anyway. The only thing a touch unattractive about Michelle is her frown. I guess her face is a tad ugly, but so were the faces of that basketball team that got Imus in trouble. Barack thinks she’s beautiful, and that’s all that really matters. On a positive note, not only doesn’t Michelle sweat much, but I think Michelle is better looking than Eleanor Roosevelt. Plus, I see uglier women than Michelle everyday at school. That yellow inauguration dress Michelle wore, though, wasn’t the best choice. Dave Letterman made a joke that when he first saw her on inaururation day,he had the urge to flag down a cab. I say, leave Michelle alone.

  • Amanda Hess

    Michelle Obama is beautiful! I never implied that she wasn't! I think she's hot!

  • jdle

    No matter the dress, no matter the makup, no matter the lightning, you cannot transform such an ugly woman into a pretty woman, this woman is nasty and ugly, grrrrr

  • mike

    She looks like a angry gorilla...
    What an embarassment for America, first lady eeeeks
    I no longer watch the news just because i am scared to see her and him

  • reality

    Michelle Obama is ugly. thats a fact, what's wrong with that? why is everyone afraid of saying the truth?

  • reggie

    These remarks about Michelle Obama are disgusting and boarderline racist.

    It takes a truly ugly person to make such an ugly remark about another human being.

  • george

    Yes, Madame Obama is ugly. So what? Plenty of ugly people everywhere. Nevertheless, to have her as First Lady IS a bit of emarrassment for the US. Probably the voters didn't think they would get a bonus for voting Obama in at the White House!

  • rachel peepers

    After having a number of months to reconsider my ugly remarks about Michelle Obama, I feel a duty to explain the ways in which I now see her differently.

    Listening to her prattle on in Denmark to the IOC about her life in Chicago, I must now say I was embarrassed for her.

    The last thing they wanted to hear when deciding on the best city for the Olympics were her youthful memories of south Chicago. They wanted to hear what Chicago has that would make it the best selection. Not how Michelle would past the time when she was eight years old jumping rope and doing tricks. Which made me think Michelle is stupider than she is ugly. If that's possible.

    Which I don't want Barack to take as a criticism of Michelle because I know he said his wife was off limits. Or did he say she was slightly off. Honestly, I don't remember.

    I simply feel that she's just a sorry case of a dumb affirmative action Harvard admission decision where she would be way over her head intellectually speaking.

    While I respect Michelle for going out in public dressing and looking like she does, I don't respect Michelle for accepting that no show job for $450,000 a year at the U. of Chicago. How many know she still gets paid even while she's flying off to Copenhagen? While the rest of us slave away at our $10.00 an hour jobs in factories and clothing stores, Michelle make a "sacrifice" by flying to Copenhagen and adding nothing to the presentation but an ugly frown, and a blank stare. I know that sounds harsh, but I was asked to be honest. Something Barack finds difficult to do as he tries to shove Socialized Medicine down our throats, and make jokes about Sarah Palin's mentally challenged daughter.

  • gladys

    Michelle Obama is ugly.

  • Victoria

    Michelle Obama is not only ugly but also stupid.

  • TJ

    What is wrong with you people??? Maybe this is just how I was brought up, but you don't call someone ugly unless you know their personality. If you find her unattractive, then fine. But I doubt that anyone commenting on this blog knows Mrs. Obama personally to call her ugly.

    The fact that you all think that it's ok to call her that makes you seem... well... a little ugly.

  • mister peepers

    Where is Redd Foxx when you need him! He would say Michelle Obongo is uglier than Aunt Esther. It's especially disturbing the way the way the press worships her and tries to say how beautiful she is. Gimme a break. She is a baboon. With those big arms showing all the time. Her upper lip looks like she's smelling it, and the bottom one looks like she's dipping snuff. There have been other first ladies that were not very attractive, but they were not put on a pedestal the way Michelle is, as if the media can "remake" her and turn her pretty. And all these 'Libs' are just bitter because they know she's ugly too!