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Are You Running for D.C. Council? Consult This Chart!

With its eight mayoral candidates and handful of down-ballot races, the April 1 Democratic primary may have zapped the attention spans of all but the closest watchers of District politics. Which could make the general election’s race for two at-large seats on the D.C. Council a bit of a mind derecho, at least if you [...]

Raining on Vincent Orange’s Parade

Smith Special Productions makes giant parade balloons, and lots of them. The Williamsport, Pa., company tends toward cartoon animals like “Tally Ho the Toucan” and “Icee the Shy Little Penguin.” But District taxpayers got gasbags with a little more gravitas from the company on Wednesday, thanks to $15,120 from the D.C. Council.
The balloons, featuring figures [...]

Yvette Alexander Considers Her Own At-Large Bid

Out of the District's nearly 650,000 residents, Ward 7 D.C. Councilmember Yvette Alexander is one of the people LL would least expect run for an at-large Council seat in November. After all, Alexander just won re-election to her own seat two years ago. Nevertheless, Alexander tells LL that, like colleague Tommy Wells, she's considering switching her party registration [...]

Overshadowed: Vince Gray Can’t Fend Off Defeat

By the time Vince Gray arrived at Shaw’s Kennedy Recreation Center Tuesday afternoon, the word was out across the city: There weren’t any voters. That left his most devoted supporters to try and drum up some civic participation on their own.
“Would you like to say hello to the mayor?” one Gray hype man said to [...]

Yvette Alexander Throws a Deep-Pocketed Fundraiser for Gray

Heads up to city bigwigs hoping to hop aboard the Vince Gray Reelection Train: you'll want to get your checkbooks ready for Jan. 29. That's the day Ward 7 Councilmember and Gray backer Yvette Alexander is throwing a fundraiser for for the mayor, themed around his shutdown policy that "everyone is essential."
Of course, for a campaign that's reportedly trying [...]

Vince Gray Gets His First Endorsement

Vince Gray's re-election campaign is only a few hours old, but he's already snagged one prominent endorsement. Councilmember Yvette Alexander tells LL that she'll be backing the mayor in next April's primary.
Alexander, who holds Gray's old seat in Ward 7, can certainly sing Gray's praises. In her conversation with LL, she touted everything from the [...]

It’s Vince Gray’s Party and He’ll Vacillate If He Wants To

When Vince Gray celebrated his 70th birthday last year at Nationals Park, the team gave him a baseball bat. This year, the mayor got something much more useful: a few more days to keep the city wondering about whether he's running for re-election.
Ward 7 Councilmember Yvette Alexander, who along with Ward 5's Kenyan McDuffie was one of only [...]

Constituent Fund Reports: Water Bottles for Everybody

It look a little while, but all the councilmembers have turned in their October constituent service fund reports (except for David Grosso, who doesn't have one). Ostensibly, the funds are meant to help residents with issues like utility bills and rent, which isn't always how things work out. On to the goods:
Jack Evans' sports tickets, a regular [...]

Councilmembers Scrap Over Barry’s Committee and Their Own

The members of the D.C Council are back today from summer break, which means that contentious Council breakfasts are back, too. This morning, the only thing steamier than the eggs was the spat over what will become of Marion Barry's committee.
The ad hoc committee set up to punish Barry for accepting $6,800 from city contractors recommended unanimously yesterday [...]

High Hopes: How the District Government Got So Mellow About Pot

Paul Zukerberg just couldn’t get any respect.
The defense attorney-turned-D.C. Council hopeful built his campaign for last April’s at-large election around decriminalizing marijuana. Instead of winning supporters, though, his campaign inspired people to call him and ask him to sell them pot. Apparently, a candidate talking about smoking marijuana was just too ridiculous.
“People called me Old [...]