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Former Fire Chief Will Run in Ward 7 If Vince Gray Doesn’t (UPDATED)

Gray pal versus Gray pal

FreshPAC Worked For Muriel Bowser—Until It Didn’t

Green Scheme

Potillo Launches Ward 7 Run Against Alexander

Yvette Alexander's challenger makes it official

Jack Evans: Vince Gray Would Make “Formidable” Council Candidate

Can you imagine?

Councilmembers Get Exercised About Personal Trainers

Crossfit fight

Brianne Nadeau Tries Out Her Jim Graham Material

Recess is over

Councilgram Keeps Busting Illegally Parked Councilmembers

They just can't stop

A Crowded Field and a Green Team Alliance Could Keep Yvette Alexander in Office

Ward 7’s Alexander isn’t worried about possible challengers, including Kwame Brown.

Yvette Alexander: “Cool Enough” to Buy Synthetic Drugs

The Ward 7 councilmember goes undercover

Yvette Alexander Gets a Challenger in Ward 7

In Ward 7, Ed Potillo gears up for a potential 2016 run against incumbent Yvette Alexander.