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How Metro Spun the January Smoke Death

As the public and media fumed at another fatality on the transit line, Metro contracted with two crisis firms

Gray, Bowser Accuse Each Other of Metro Deflection

In another time, the recent Red Line delays would just be another example of America's crumbling public infrastructure. But this is election season!
Faced with complaints about an independent transit agency he can't control, Mayor Vince Gray's Twitter team deflected questions about the delays onto Ward 4 councilmember and Washington Metropolitan Area Transit Authority board member Muriel Bowser:
(1/6) I’d [...]

Loose Lips Daily: Hizzoner’s Honeymoon Nearly Over Edition

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UMC Blood Feud

Good morning, Washington. Your normal LL, Alan Suderman, is taking the day off. So I'm stepping in to survey [...]

Gray: Keep Metro Out of Circulator. Maybe.

Hey, have you heard that D.C. Council Chairman Vincent Gray is a supporter of streetcars? If you've been following the mayoral race since the spring, you know the reintroduction of streetcars to D.C. streets has become a pesky issue for Gray, who was nailed by transit advocates for cutting streetcar funding before restoring the funding [...]