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The D.C. Council Gets House of Cards Treatment in New Show

Which faux-councilmember will triumph?

Photo: Lying in State

Wilson Building, Dec. 4 

Ethics Board Wants New Digs

After a year that saw the Board of Ethics and Government Accountability investigating nearly a quarter of the D.C. Council, the agency now says it wants to move where the action is: the Wilson Building.
BEGA's 2013 ethics report comes loaded with wonky advice about revolving-door personnel rules and whether lobbyists should serve on District boards. [...]

Haile Selassie Gave D.C. These Elephant Tusks in 1954. Someone Stole Them in 2013.

While most of the Wilson Building's denizens spent August wondering whether Vince Gray would veto the Large Retailer Accountability Act, one or more thieves got up to some mischief of their own—making off with a pair of ivory tusks housed in the District's city hall.
The tusks were a gift from Ethiopian Emperor Haile Selassie during his 1954 world [...]

Woodwork for Mendelson’s Office Could Cost More Than $110,000

The D.C. Council hired a construction firm this summer to rehabilitate the woodwork in Chairman Phil Mendelson's Wilson Building office and conference room. The Council's version of This Old House could end up costing more than $110,000, according to documents obtained by LL through a Freedom of Information Act request.
"Don't you think, in an office like this, the [...]

Vince Gray Carries D.C. Protest Sign in Inaugural Parade

The snappy slogan "A More Perfect Union Must Include Full Democracy in DC" looked so good on a parade reviewing stand, why not put it on a sign?
Mayor Vince Gray and his two adult children walked down Pennsylvania Avenue about ten minutes after the Obamas had today, with Gray holding a pro-D.C. sign with the same muddled [...]

Photos: Rally For Vince Gray

1300 Block of Pennsylvania Ave. NW, July 18
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Kwame Brown vs. Mark Segraves!

Here's a sign that an ongoing federal investigation may be getting to D.C. Council Chairman Kwame "Fully Loaded" Brown, despite what he told the Post recently.
WTOP reporter Mark Segraves says Brown pushed him against a wall in the Wilson Building this morning when Segraves was trying to ask him a question as Brown walked into [...]

Robert Hildum Out (Again) At DYRS; Agency Gets New Interim Director

Robert Hildum is out again as DYRS' Interim Director. Hildum had announced his resignation last week. Almost Mayor Vincent Gray then asked him to stay on–apparently after Hildum had boxed up his stuff. Now, a few days later, Hildum is out again.
Today, Neil Stanley, DYRS' general counsel since 2008, has been brought in as DYRS' [...]

In Final Act, DYRS Chief Slams Washington City Paper Sources!

Yesterday Robert Hildum announced that he would be stepping down as DYRS' interim director. Before the announcement became public, Hildum sent along an e-mail to staff thanking them for their hard work. He wrote: " There is no easy way to tell you all but I have decided to return to OAG....I have treasured this [...]