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David Catania, Media Critic

David Catania isn't the first councilmember to tangle with Washington Post editorial writer Jo-Ann Armao. He may be the first, though, to compare her to the title character in The Wizard of Oz.
For those who missed the movie or James Franco's 2013 prequel, Catania provided a recap at today's education committee hearing. The wizard—"a harmless, elderly illusionist," per Catania—was [...]

Eleanor Holmes Norton, Media Critic

There have been a lot of anguished open letters to new Washington Post owner Jeff Bezos, but Del. Eleanor Holmes Norton has a much simpler message for the Amazon CEO: Don't mess it up, nerd.
In a statement on the sale, Norton runs down a list of things she's sure Bezos already knows about running the Post. She's so certain [...]

District Bizarrely Trying to Keep Already Public Records Confidential

Last week the Washington Post editorial page posted two internal reports on the city's politicized contracting process for the D.C. lottery. The reports were done by the Office of the Chief Financial Officer's top former internal investigator, Robert Andary. After the Post story ran, LL posted the investigator's notes Andary had used to write his [...]

Council Investigate Jim Graham? Don’t Bet On It

The opinion mavens at the Washington Post are mad as hell that Ward 1 Councilmember Jim Graham tried to trade his support for a would-be lottery contractor in exchange for getting the developer he wanted on a Metro development in his ward.
A recent report commissioned by Metro found that Graham, a former Metro board chairman, [...]

CFO Declares Jihad Against the Post

Fight! Fight ! Fight!
D.C.'s Office of the Chief Financial Officer is throwing punches at the Washington Post over—of all things—its efforts to pay less in property taxes.
You may have read the Post's big investigative story on the CFO's Office of Tax and Revenue settling commercial property tax assessments at a much high rate than in [...]

CFO Hits Back at Post Story

The city's Office of the Chief Financial Officer is pushing back against today's big investigative story in the Post, which found that officials in the CFO's office have "knocked $2.6 billion off the taxable value of commercial properties."
City officials have settled with developers over the tax bills on more than 500 commercial properties this year, which [...]

Depends What Your Definition of “Campaign” Is

Another day, another piece of bad news on the front page of the Washington Post for Mayor Vince Gray. Today, the Posties report that Gray's 2010 mayoral campaign kept a database of public housing residents, "which appears to be an unauthorized use of private government information."
The mayor tells the paper he was unaware of any [...]

Loose Lips Daily: Rich Man Talk Edition (Updated)

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Millicent West, Key Figure in Harry Thomas Jr. Saga, Resigns
D.C.'s Found Money

Good afternoon sweet readers! LL's wife has told [...]

Yikes! Post Botches Story, Sort of Covers It Up

Yesterday the Washington Post, along with several other local media outlets, covered D.C. Fire Chief Kenneth Ellerbe's "state of the department" speech.
If you read the Post's paper version this morning, you would have learned that Ellerbe is pushing ahead with his plan to change his department's shifts from 24-hours to 12-hours and that the fire [...]

Read: Fenty-Era Emails

LL's column includes a look at the relationship between the Washington Post editorial page and the Fenty administration. For those of you with way too much time on your hands, take a look at these pages and pages of emails between Fenty staffers and Post writers.
As LL noted in his column, you won't find any [...]