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Loose Lips Will Return Soon

Wondering what happened to LL? Don't worry—it'll be back soon.
This column from Washington City Paper's April 26 issue was Alan Suderman's final one as LL (the issue also featured his cover profile of Ward 4 Councilmember Muriel Bowser, who's running for mayor). Suderman has a new job at the Center for Public Integrity, writing about [...]

Sulaimon To City Paper: “Kiss My Ass”

Sulaimon Brown has finally gotten around to taking a victory lap. Today he released a statement saying he's been vindicated and Mayor Vince Gray should resign.
But when LL reached out to Brown for comment, Brown responded in an email that he's still upset with LL for not clarifying an "article that wrongfully accused me of [...]

Politics, Politics Everywhere

Be sure to pick up Washington City Paper's special Politics issue, hitting the streets today in print. In it you'll find City Paper's endorsements, detailed results from a Washington City Paper/Kojo Nnamdi Show poll—which is the coolest political poll D.C.'s ever scene—articles from Jonetta Rose Barras, Tim Carman, Jason Cherkis, Lydia DePillis, Dave McKenna, Rend [...]

The Undecided: Fenty Face-Time Edition

August 26: Hizzoner Visits!

Today’s Event: Mayor Adrian Fenty meets with Washington City Paper's staff for more than an hour. The big news: I do not freak out, scream, stomp and stammer Tourette's-style after one of the mayor's answers, non-answers, and well-rehearsed talking points. Not even when he claims the city's homeless services are a national [...]