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Marion C. Barry Gets Probation for Bank Charges, Backs Off Ward 8 Race

Barry isn't so committed to claiming the Council seat.

Barry Will Take Plea Over Alleged Bank Outburst

The plea deal could spare Barry the release of potentially embarrassing security footage.

Count on It: The Ward 8 Special Election Goes Into Overtime

In a tight race, a Trayon White win comes down to provisional ballots.

Maps: Live Election Results in Ward 4 and Ward 8

Results from the special elections to replace Muriel Bowser and Marion Barry on the D.C. Council.

Listen: Ward 8 Candidates Make Claim to Marion Barry’s Seat

Four (or was it five?) candidates made their claim to the seat formerly held by Marion Barry.

Ward 8 Candidates Will Debate Monday at Uniontown

Including Marion C. Barry, Sheila Bunn, Eugene Kinlow, Trayon White, and Natalie Williams.

Bring the Campaign: Decades of District Politics, All in the Ward 8 Race

One race, a whole lot of candidates

Bad Heir Day: Who Can Replace Marion Barry in Ward 8?

A dozen people or more could try to take Barry's seat

Councilmember for Life?

The man born to be D.C.’s mayor settled a little uneasily into legislating.

Straw Poll Adds Twist to Final Mayoral Debate

Ward 8 residents will pick their fave.