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Gray Backs Former Staffer in Ward 8 Race

Ex-mayor makes his pick to replace the mayor-for-life.

Ward 8 Democrats Feud Over Rude Emails, Future of Council Seat

At least the Ward 8 Democrats aren't boring. A previous president of the group accused the D.C. Council of metaphorically cutting Vincent Orange's throat by not giving him a ceremonial position, and the organization's January mayoral straw poll turned so rowdy that police were called.
Now the Ward 8 Democrats are embroiled in a controversy that's [...]

Ward 8 Dems Displeased With Pro Tem Pick

In case you were wondering which ward had the most die-hard partisans, the Ward 8 Democrats appear to have settled that question over the the weekend.
The Ward 8 Dems approved a resolution rebuking the D.C. Council for picking Councilmember Michael Brown, an independent-in-name-only who changed his registration from Democratic in order to get elected to [...]

The Hacks’ Moment: D.C. Democratic Party Insiders Get to Pick a Councilmember

D.C. has never been much of a machine-politics city. In other one-party towns, members of ruling party’s hierarchy snag plum patronage jobs, anoint elected officials, and do their scheming in the (formerly) smoke-filled back rooms of fancy headquarters buildings. But in the District, whose political structure dates to the reform-minded 1970s rather than Boss Tweed’s [...]