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ANC Recording Caper Will Cost District $58K

How might the District spend $60,000? Paying for a year of pricey college for an underprivileged student, maybe, or adding it to the streetcar money pit. Instead, thanks to a new settlement, the District will cough up $58,400 because of an allegedly deletion-happy Advisory Neighborhood Commissioner.
The settlement ends the saga of ANC 5B member Carolyn Steptoe and her tape recorder. After Steptoe shut [...]

Kenyan McDuffie, D.C.’s Next Next Mayor?

Kenyan McDuffie found a lot wrong in his ward last Saturday. Empty bottles of Corona and Christian Brothers brandy lined Bladensburg Road NE, while the auto mechanics on the street topped their fences with razor-wire that dangled low enough to catch a passerby.
Fumes wafting from one auto-body shop made the whole block smell like a [...]

McDuffie Announces Re-Election Run

In a deeply unsurprising move, Ward 5 Councilmember Kenyan McDuffie says that he'll run for re-election next year.
McDuffie made the announcement on a conference call last night with supporters. McDuffie plans to register a campaign committee with the Office of Campaign Finance today. So far, the race hasn't attracted any challengers.
Photo by Darrow Montgomery

Police Report: McDuffie Staffer Tried to Repay Bar Bill Without Being Noticed

Here's a new wrinkle in the story of one-time Kenyan McDuffie staffer Tim Clark, fired last week after allegedly paying bar tabs with constituent service funds. According to McDuffie committee analyst Adrian Jordan, who apparently discovered the missing money, Clark tried to pay back the bar bills without anyone noticing.
In an interview Friday with the [...]

Kenyan McDuffie Refers Staffer’s Alleged Theft to Police

Councilmember Kenyan McDuffie is celebrating his one-year anniversary in the Wilson Building today, but there's one newly ex-staffer who won't be there: community affairs coordinator Tim Clark. Clark got the boot yesterday after McDuffie discovered that he'd inappropriately spent $252.07 from the Ward 5 councilmember's constituent services fund.
A press release from McDuffie's office describes the [...]

Kenyan McDuffie Officially Joins D.C. Council

Once the Honorable Erik P. Christian administered the oath of office on Wednesday afternoon, Kenyan McDuffie became Councilmember Kenyan McDuffie of Ward 5.
When McDuffie first appeared in the standing-room-only crowd, the audience stood up and applauded for him. When he started speaking about the support he received from his family and especially from his wife, [...]

The Thomas Antidote

LL wasn’t in the car long with Ward 5 Councilmember-elect Kenyan McDuffie before the District’s newest elected official started talking about his “self-destructive” tendencies.
That’s a loaded term these days, considering the spectacular self-destruction of the last guy to hold the Ward 5 seat. Harry Thomas Jr. is set to report to federal prison soon, [...]

Union Yes! Jeff Thompson No?

So how did Ward 5 Councilmember-elect Kenyan McDuffie pull off such a convincing victory last night? If you were within earshot of union leaders (or on their email list) you might have heard (or read) that the strong support of organized labor made the difference.
"SEIU volunteers worked to support Kenyan McDuffie in the weeks leading [...]

Vince Gray on Kenyan McDuffie: “An Outstanding Choice”

Mayor Vince Gray was very happy this morning about Kenyan McDuffie’s win in Ward 5.
Asked about last night's election at a press conference today, Gray called McDuffie "an outstanding choice." *
“First of all,” Gray said, “it was a resounding turnout in Ward 5. Lots of people voted yesterday and an overwhelming number of people voted [...]

Ward 5 Votes to Replace Harry Thomas Jr.

Ward 5 voters have a few hours left to get to the polls to pick a replacement for disgraced former Councilmember Harry Thomas Jr., off to 38 months in federal prison soon for stealing hundreds of thousands of dollars from D.C. taxpayers. (Polls close at 8 p.m.)
Washington City Paper spoke to some voters in today's [...]