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“Help Us, China!” and Other Plans for D.C. Voting Rights

Positive tweets from Cory Booker aside, the District's attempts to get a vote in Congress hasn't had the clearest path lately. Nevertheless, law scholars, politicians, lawyers, and judges came together Friday to discuss various strategies for turning the District's delegate into a representative at an event sponsored by the William and Mary Election Law Program at [...]

Mayor No Fan of DC Vote’s Name

Mayor Vince Gray has had enough with questions about the logistics of Saturday morning's statehood rally at the D.C. World War I Memorial. Will there be enough parking for seniors? Can the troubled fire department handle medical emergencies at the rally? Will people be able to find the site, tucked next to the National Mall's Reflecting Pool?
Don't [...]

Ralph Nader’s $11 Million Statehood Plan

Ralph Nader's latest career turn as a D.C. statehood activist hasn't been going so hot. His "limited general strike" for statehood—basically, showing up late for work—didn't take off, and his presidential debate on the state of New Columbia never happened.
"The apathy is so thick you can cut it," Nader tells LL.
Nader's not discouraged, though. He claims that [...]

Santa-Impersonating Congressman Doesn’t Like District’s Traffic Cams

A Michigan congressman is working on a bill that would outlaw the District's speed and red light cameras. But it's not because he has a lead foot, his spokesman insists.
Freshman Rep. Kerry Bentivolio, who moonlights as a Santa Claus impersonator and reindeer rancher, doesn't even have a car in Washington, according to spokesman Matt Chisholm. [...]

D.C.’s Muddled Message to the World

D.C. voting rights advocates often bemoan the fact that few people in the rest of the country know that the District doesn't have a voting member in Congress and can't spend its own money without congressional approval. If only they knew! the thinking goes, D.C. would have statehood, or at least something more than it [...]