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Gray Launches Ward 7 Bid With Jabs at Alexander

Gray: Alexander once had "tremendous promise."

Behold: Vince Gray’s Ward 7 Campaign Website

Website suggests Gray will run for Ward 7

Vince Gray on WAMU Tomorrow to Talk About… Something

What could this be about?

Vince Gray-Tied PAC Shuts Down

PAC benefits cats, dogs

Doctor: Shadow Campaign Operative Mentally Fit to Be Sentenced

Defense: Memory problems won't stop sentencing

Former Football Player Challenges Alexander in Ward 7

Yvette Alexander gets another challenger

Vince Gray: RGIII Got a Raw Deal

One Vince Gray question resolved, albeit not the one LL wanted

PAC Poll: Gray Would Lead At-Large, Ward 7 Races

Gray says he'll decide on run in weeks

PAC Poll: Ward 7 Voters Say Prosecutors, Media Unfair to Gray

Gray pulls positive numbers in Ward 7

Gray-Tied PAC Polls His Chances, Treatment by Media and Prosecutors

"Vince-dication Day"