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Jeff Thompson allegedly gave off-the-books help to Linda Cropp, Pat Mara, Vincent Orange, and other candidates. [Post]
Also: Alleged shadow campaign operative Vernon Hawkins is reportedly set to plead guilty. [Post]
DYRS recidivism stats don't tell the whole story. [Times]
Federal City Council asks for a living wage bill veto. [Post]
Post ed board wants inspector general, Board of Ethics to play nice. [Post]
Metro crash [...]

The Two-Year Itch

Last July, U.S. Attorney Ron Machen held a news conference to describe an “expansive,” “sophisticated,” and “well-financed conspiracy” to put Mayor Vince Gray into office.
The remarks came just hours after Jeanne Clarke Harris, a septuagenarian public relations professional, had pleaded guilty for her supporting role in financing what Machen called an illegal “shadow campaign.” [...]

Vincent v. Vince

Earlier this year, Councilmember Vincent Orange was upset that his committee staff had to move offices. The relocation was prompted by new committee assignments, and several other councilmembers’ staffers also had to move. But Orange, according to several Wilson Building aides, was adamantly opposed to the game of musical offices.
How opposed? In one heated meeting [...]

Vernon Hawkins Celebrates Barry’s Victory

Marion Barry's victory party last night at Georgena's had a special guest: Vernon Hawkins, an alleged coordinator of what federal prosecutors called an illegal "shadow campaign" that helped Mayor Vince Gray win the 2010 primary election.
But Hawkins wasn't just any reveler. He followed right behind Barry on his walk into the restaurant, and when Barry [...]

How VO Says He Landed An Endorsement

Today on WPFW, LL and Councilmember Vincent Orange had a discussion about the veracity of LL's reporting concerning Orange's 2011 special election. LL has reported at length on the links between the key players (Jeff Thompson, Vernon Hawkins, Jeanne Clarke Harris) in the alleged shadow campaign that U.S. Attorney Ron Machen says illegally helped get [...]

Feds Asking Questions About VO’s Campaign

Federal authorities this week questioned a former campaign worker for At-Large Councilmember Vincent Orange's 2011 campaign about the campaign's ties to Vernon Hawkins and Jeanne Clarke Harris—two central figures in the ongoing federal investigation into Mayor Vince Gray's 2010 campaign.
The former aide says the FBI was interested in what roles Hawkins and Harris, who pleaded [...]

VO’s Shadow Exposure

As LL just noted, there are several D.C. councilmembers who received campaign donations from Jeanne Clarke Harris, who admitted Tuesday to running a straw donor scheme funded by Medicaid contractor Jeff Thompson.
It's difficult, for now, to calculate how much straw money Harris may have given to local pols besides Mayor Vince Gray, whose 2010 mayoral [...]

One City, Two Campaigns

The shadow campaign is finally out of the bag.
Ever since nuisance candidate Sulaimon Brown started snitching ’bout shenanigans in the 2010 mayoral primary more than a year ago, reporters, the D.C. Council, and the public have been trying to figure out what really happened in Mayor Vince Gray’s victory over Adrian Fenty.
This week, federal prosecutors [...]

Scott Bishop: Harris Paid Me to Do Gray Campaign Work

Scott Bishop Sr., a longtime local campaign field organizer, says Jeanne Clarke Harris, who is expected to plead guilty tomorrow on conspiracy and fraud charges, paid him to put up signs and do other field work for Mayor Vince Gray's 2010 campaign.
Another campaign aide to Vince Gray, who asked not to be named because of the [...]

Vince Gray: From No Way to No Comment

The more serious the federal investigation into Mayor Vince Gray's mayoral campaign becomes, the less Hizzoner has to say.
Observe Gray's response to the Post's A1 story today laying out how Gray pal Vernon Hawkins appeared to be running an off-the-books campaign. "Gray declined to answer specific questions about the campaign allegations, citing the ongoing investigation," [...]