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Now That Jeff Thompson Is Down, Who’s Next?

The mastermind behind five years of illicit District campaigning headed to the federal courthouse Monday to show his work.
And what a job he’d done—Jeff Thompson detailed how he spent more than two million dollars on off-the-books campaigns and disguised campaign contributions to politicians across the country in attempts to secure lucrative contracts for his companies. [...]

The Mayor’s Mouth

Mayor Vince Gray isn’t just running for re-election. He’s Muhammad Ali, pulling the rope-a-dope on his rivals like it’s the Rumble in the Jungle.
If you bring up how many of Gray’s friends are headed to prison, he’ll come back like Jedi master Obi-Wan Kenobi, stronger than he was before. He’s Rocky Balboa facing Apollo Creed, [...]

Vince Gray Doesn’t Remember When He Heard About the Shadow Campaign

Vince Gray is taking his own advice about moving on from the shadow campaign so seriously that he's already forgotten about how he found out about the illicit operation.
In an interview published today with the Washington Post's Mike DeBonis, Gray claims that he can't remember a reported conversation where campaign aide David Dzidzienyo told Gray that he was worried about Gray pal (and [...]

Vernon Hawkins, Man of Many Budgets

At his plea hearing last week, shadow campaign operative Vernon Hawkins described how, with help from Jeanne Clarke Harris and alleged financier Jeff Thompson, he planned the budget for the off-the-books effort to elect Vince Gray as mayor. But that wasn't the only campaign budget Hawkins was shaping in the summer of 2010.
According to campaign [...]

Emails: PAC May Have Paid for Poll at Gray Campaign’s Request

A powerful political action committee may have paid for a $15,000 poll at the request of the scandal-plagued 2010 campaign of Mayor Vince Gray, an action that could have violated rules limiting campaign contributions or coordination between candidates and campaigns.
According to emails obtained by the Center for Public Integrity, among those involved in the back-and-forth [...]

Morning Links

Shadow campaign operative Vernon Hawkins pleads guilty to lying to investigators. [Post, LL, WAMU]
Two District ambulances catch fire in one day. [Times]
And an ambulance in the president's motorcade runs out of gas. [Times]
Fire chief Kenneth Ellerbe says, despite ambulance problems, people should feel safe. [Fox 5]
How to get your restaurant honored by Mayor Vince Gray. [Young & Hungry]
Taxi [...]

Shadow Campaign Operative Vernon Hawkins Pleads Guilty

At this point in the investigation into the shadow campaign to elect Mayor Vince Gray in 2010, there's not much left to hide. In U.S. District Court today, Judge Colleen Kollar-Kotelly called Gray by his own name, rather than his alias in some court documents—"Candidate A." And Vernon Hawkins, who pleaded guilty today to lying to investigators, even dropped the [...]

Morning Links

Alleged shadow campaign worker Vernon Hawkins charged with lying to investigators. [LL, Post, WJLA, Times, WAMU]
Mary Cheh wants candidates who received shadow campaign help to say so. [WTOP]
Hawkins and Miguel Tejada have the same lawyer. [Legal Times]
Tony Cheng, master fundraiser [Post]
Over the weekend, two-thirds of D.C. advanced support ambulances weren't operational. [Post]
Post ed board criticizes D.C. Jail's video-only visitation rules. [Post]
"Ex-gay" [...]

Gray Mum on Vernon Hawkins’ Guilty Plea

Vernon Hawkins, a close pal of Mayor Vince Gray, is expected to plead guilty tomorrow morning to lying to federal investigators. With his friend in trouble for trying to convince an alleged shadow campaign worker to leave town, would Gray break his long-standing, self-imposed ban on talking about the investigation?
Nope. Gray declined to comment about [...]

Alleged Shadow Campaign Operative Vernon Hawkins Charged

Vernon Hawkins, a longtime friend of Mayor Vince Gray and an alleged operative for the 2010 shadow campaign, has been charged with lying to federal investigators.
According to charging documents, in Dec. 2011, Hawkins passed money to a caterer who had worked as transportation coordinator for the shadow campaign. The money, which Hawkins allegedly received from Jeff Thompson associate Jeanne Clarke [...]