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Politically Connected Chinatown Restaurateur’s Case End Quietly

Tony Cheng gets two years of probation.

Politically Connected Chinatown Restaurateur, Son Admit to Poorly Planned Scheme

Since opening his first Chinatown restaurant in 1986, Tony Cheng has proved himself a savvy navigator of the District's political waters. Cheng's prominence saw him involved in attempts to end a protest over a Ward 8 carryout; and he tried to find an post-mayoralty job for Marion Barry in the 1990s. So how, in the fall of 2010, [...]

Investigations Into Gray, D.C. Council Loom Over Chinatown Restaurateur’s Trial

In other towns, connections to city hall movers and shakers might speak to good citizenship. The District isn't that kind of place.
Attorneys for frequent District political donor and Chinatown restaurateur Tony Cheng and his son, who have been charged with bribery, want to find out whether knowledge of an acquaintance between their clients and local politicians would prejudice [...]

Tony Cheng’s Trial Could Be Delayed Five Months

What happened to the District's summer of scandal? One minute a lawyer for one of the Jeff Thompson-tied straw donors was predicting a parade through the E. Barrett Prettyman United States Courthouse, the next, nothing. The only thing carrying LL through the fizzling summer of scandal has been the prospect of an autumn and winter [...]

Morning Links

Alleged shadow campaign worker Vernon Hawkins charged with lying to investigators. [LL, Post, WJLA, Times, WAMU]
Mary Cheh wants candidates who received shadow campaign help to say so. [WTOP]
Hawkins and Miguel Tejada have the same lawyer. [Legal Times]
Tony Cheng, master fundraiser [Post]
Over the weekend, two-thirds of D.C. advanced support ambulances weren't operational. [Post]
Post ed board criticizes D.C. Jail's video-only visitation rules. [Post]
"Ex-gay" [...]

Name Dropping

Finally, a foe for Ron Machen, the District’s reigning legal champ. The news last month that politically wired Chinatown restaurateur Tony Cheng and his son were being charged with bribery was notable, but the real intrigue was that, unlike most people charged by the U.S. Attorney’s Office in its ongoing District corruption soap opera, they [...]

Tony Cheng’s Son Applied for Gun Permit During Investigation

Here's a wrinkle in the taxi bribery charges against politically connected Chinatown restauranteur Tony Cheng and his son. While prosecutors were pressuring the two to cooperate in a larger federal investigation, Tony Cheng Jr. was getting permission to carry a gun.
On April 22, Cheng applied for a concealed weapons permit, according to Virginia court records. [...]

Tony Cheng and Son Indicted Over Taxi Bribery Scheme

Politically connected Chinatown restaurateur Tony Cheng and his son have been charged with bribing public officials to get taxi licenses.
Cheng and his son, Anthony R. Cheng Jr., wanted licenses to operate cab companies, according to a press release from the U.S. Attorney's Office. In an attempt to get around a moratorium on new licenses, they [...]