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Mayoral Power Rankings: Week 9

Uncle LL brings you something better than $668,800: Mayoral Power Rankings. If you'd like to see a real life Power Rankings, come to the Loose Lips mayoral debate Sunday night at the Black Cat. The doors open at 8 p.m.  
1. Muriel Bowser
What: Jeff Thompson's plea comes at the perfect time for Bowser, who needed another reason [...]

Gray Defends Himself in Televised Debate

Vince Gray lowered himself into the shark tank for the NewsChannel 8 debate last night to face two scandal-hungry opponents, and also Jack Evans.
Ward 4 councilmember Muriel Bowser came hard at Gray over Jeff Thompson's allegations, but Gray tried to turn the plea around on Bowser, saying that she too called Thompson by the "Uncle Earl" alias (a claim Bowser denies).
“Don’t [...]

Morning Links

The Loose Lips mayoral debate is this Sunday, 8 p.m., at the Black Cat. [LL]
Vince Gray faces opponents at televised debate. [Post, Post]

Jeff Thompson kept keeping Pat Mara out of office. [LL]
Gray campaign manager Chuck Thies is sick of "Uncle Earl." [Washingtonian]
Gray gets a kind word from Lanny Davis. [LL]
Police union backs Tommy Wells. [LL]

Endorsement Round-Up: Police Union Backs Wells

U.S. Attorney Ron Machen is no fan of Vince Gray, and now another group of District law enforcers has turned on the mayor as well. Despite endorsing Gray four years ago, the District's chapter of the Fraternal Order of Police announced yesterday that it will support Ward 6 Councilmember Tommy Wells in April's Democratic primary.
In a statement, FOP chairman-elect Delroy Burton [...]

Morning Links

David Catania launches his mayoral bid. [LL, Post, Times, Blade]
Who's next for U.S. Attorney Ron Machen? [LL]
Inside the explosion in homeless District families. [WCP]
Northwest Current withdraws its Vince Gray endorsement, Gray campaign withdraws its ads. [LL, Post]
Michael Brown accused his treasurer of stealing his campaign money. Now the feds say he was right. [LL, Post]
Post ed board accuses Gray of injecting race into [...]

Now That Jeff Thompson Is Down, Who’s Next?

The mastermind behind five years of illicit District campaigning headed to the federal courthouse Monday to show his work.
And what a job he’d done—Jeff Thompson detailed how he spent more than two million dollars on off-the-books campaigns and disguised campaign contributions to politicians across the country in attempts to secure lucrative contracts for his companies. [...]

A Look at the Cash That Jeff Thompson Gave to Other D.C. Politicians

The two conspiracy charges filed against alleged Vince Gray shadow campaign financier Jeff Thompson today in federal court probably couldn't come at worse time for the mayor, who is running for re-election and has long denied any wrongdoing. In court today—just three weeks before the crowded, April 1 Democratic primary—prosecutors said that Gray knew about the illegal [...]

Morning Links

Post ed board wants Ron Machen to show what he's got. [Post]
Tommy Wells' campaign manager: "You're either running against the mayor or you're a well-funded Sulaimon Brown. [Post]
With mayoral primary closing in, the District is one of the last major cities without nonpartisan races. [AP]
Mayoral candidates struggle not to be seen as spoilers. [Post]
Andy Shallal puts out an "exit poll" showing [...]

Mayoral Power Rankings: Week 8

Today's Mayoral Power Rankings are interactive. If Jeff Thompson is charged before the end of the day, just print this blog post out, cut out Vince Gray's entry, and paste it on to the bottom.  And check back on LL Tuesday morning, when the campaign finance reports due Monday could upend the rankings.
1. Muriel Bowser
What: Bowser got a gift from [...]

Vince Gray Wins Current Endorsement

Northwest Current publisher Davis Kennedy has had his hours-long grillings with the mayoral candidates, and now he's making his endorsement: Vince Gray.  
While the notoriously Internet-wary Current hasn't posted its latest issue online yet, you can read the endorsement on Twitter. After praising Gray for his schools policy and criticizing him for homelessness and the state of the fire department, the Current takes Gray up on [...]