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Here’s Who Marion Barry Disses in Mayor for Life

Marion Barry's new autobiography isn't just about the effect of illicit drugs on the four-term mayor's nether-regions. It's also an occasion for some score-settling. Below, some of the most prominent targets of Barry's slams in Mayor for Life.
Chris Rock
"Chris Rock was among the worst comedians," Barry writes of the late-night lampooning that followed his arrest for smoking crack [...]

Marion Barry: Reporters, Eddie Murphy, Spike Lee Are Exploiting Me

While Marion Barry's would-be successors in Ward 8 fight over who will succeed him, Barry is working on his legacy. Barry took to the radio waves this afternoon to denounce the unflattering Barry-era book Dream City and the HBO movie associated with it—and, along the way, promote his own autobiography.
"Tom Sherwood and Harry Jaffe are trying to exploit me, and I’m tired of [...]

Finally, Another Way to Read Dream City

Since it came out in 1994, Dream City has been the go-to book to learn about Marion Barry's mayoral administration and the District's tragicomic post-Home Rule politics. Since the book has been out of print, though, would-be Wilson Building scholars faced the choice of forking over $100 for a copy online or entering the months-long wait for a copy [...]

Morning Links

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School lottery information expected to be released today. [Post]
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Gray-backed "Muriel Not Ready" campaign releases a new video. [LL]
Gray tops the latest Mayoral Power Rankings. [LL]
Voters [...]

Morning Links

Post poll puts Vince Gray ahead of his opponents, but with only 24 percent of the vote. [Post, LL, WAMU]
Gray signing new minimum wage bill today. [Times]
Tommy Wells wants to drop proposed fine for marijuana possession from $100 to $25. [Times]
Tom Sherwood: "Gray has stiff-armed reporters better than an NFL running back." [NBC 4]
Courtland Milloy: Andy Shallal has "guts." [Post]
Park Service sticking [...]

Morning Links

Vince Gray kicks off his new campaign, apologizes for the last one. [LL, Washingtonian, Post]
Read Gray's speech. [LL, Post]
Business community heavies meet for Gray, plan to raise $1 million in three weeks. [Post]
Fringe candidate Christian Carter crashes mayoral debate. [LL]
It's Vincent Orange party time. [LL]
Gray campaign tussles with reporter Tom Sherwood. [LL]
Tommy Wells wants affordable housing in D.C. United deal. [Housing Complex, Post]
Darrell Issa ambivalent [...]

Gray Campaign: Tom Sherwood Commits “Journalistic Malpractice”

Vince Gray's outburst at Washington City Paper's own Aaron Wiener won't be the last time the mayor takes on the media in his re-election bid. The Gray campaign pushed back on NBC4 reporter Tom Sherwood yesterday, with Gray campaign manager Chuck Thies accusing Sherwood of "journalistic malpractice."
Like every other reporter in town not employed by WUSA9, Sherwood needed his [...]

Mayoral Hopefuls Face Off in First Debate

Last night's D.C. Bar Association-sponsored mayoral debate went about like you'd expect. Councilmembers Vincent Orange, Jack Evans, Muriel Bowser, and Tommy Wells bickered over their D.C. Council votes, while Reta Lewis and Andy Shallal tried to beat each other to snatch the mantle of "outsider candidate."
The absence of Mayor Vince Gray, who has not said whether he will seek a second term, didn't stop the [...]

Marion Barry’s Selective Memory

LL was mercifully spared having to watch most of the super-lengthy D.C. Council hearing Thursday on the city's proposal to close 20 schools. But LL did see former Mayor-for-Life and Ward 8 Councilmember Marion Barry reminded Schools Chancellor Kaya Henderson that Ward 8 has some pretty lousy-performing schools, and he'd like to see some improvements, [...]

Marion Barry Blames Tom Sherwood for Recent Problems

Who is to blame for Mayor-for-Life-turned-Ward 8 Councilmember Marion Barry's recent race-related troubles, which began a few weeks ago when Barry complained about the "dirty shops" of Asian business owners and got worse when he complained about the high number of Filipino nurses?
NBC 4 reporter and Barry biographer Tom Sherwood, of course.
Barry held court this [...]