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Sports Tickets, Pride Beads Big in Constituent Fund Reports

D.C. councilmembers disclosed their constituent service fund expenditures yesterday, so it's time to see once again how much money doesn't go to, y'know, constituent service.
In April, May, and June Vincent Orange's received $5,650 in contributions, but that was only good enough for second place. Kenyan McDuffie's fund made the most in the reporting period, with $7,550. That's good for [...]

Police Report: McDuffie Staffer Tried to Repay Bar Bill Without Being Noticed

Here's a new wrinkle in the story of one-time Kenyan McDuffie staffer Tim Clark, fired last week after allegedly paying bar tabs with constituent service funds. According to McDuffie committee analyst Adrian Jordan, who apparently discovered the missing money, Clark tried to pay back the bar bills without anyone noticing.
In an interview Friday with the [...]

Kenyan McDuffie Refers Staffer’s Alleged Theft to Police

Councilmember Kenyan McDuffie is celebrating his one-year anniversary in the Wilson Building today, but there's one newly ex-staffer who won't be there: community affairs coordinator Tim Clark. Clark got the boot yesterday after McDuffie discovered that he'd inappropriately spent $252.07 from the Ward 5 councilmember's constituent services fund.
A press release from McDuffie's office describes the [...]