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The Vince Gray Investigation: Winners and Losers

Who got busted and who's possibly getting away

Morning Links

New Vince Gray budget will have $300 million for new hospital to replace United Medical Center. [Post]
Judge orders city to end rec-center homeless shelters. [Housing Complex, Post]
Union, Muriel Bowser ads hit TV. [Post, LL]
And the Gray campaign launches an anti-Bowser site. [LL]
New report criticizes city over slow school improvements. [Post]
Gray pal Thomas Gore gets out of federal custody just in time [...]

Gray Friend Thomas Gore Released From Federal Custody

The federal investigation into Vince Gray's 2010 campaign has gone on so long that the only person sent to prison for it so far is already out. Just in time for election day!
Gray 2010 operative Thomas Gore was released from a D.C. area halfway house Friday, according to the Bureau of Prisons' website. A federal judge sentenced Gore in [...]

The Mayor’s Mouth

Mayor Vince Gray isn’t just running for re-election. He’s Muhammad Ali, pulling the rope-a-dope on his rivals like it’s the Rumble in the Jungle.
If you bring up how many of Gray’s friends are headed to prison, he’ll come back like Jedi master Obi-Wan Kenobi, stronger than he was before. He’s Rocky Balboa facing Apollo Creed, [...]

Thomas Gore Gets Six Months in Prison

Former Vince Gray campaign aide Thomas Gore was sentenced to six months in prison this morning for his role funneling money to fringe mayoral candidate Sulaimon Brown, and then covering the scheme up.
Gore, who helped arrange payments to Brown and destroyed a notebook recording the transactions, will serve three years of probation when he gets [...]

Morning Links

After Michael Brown arrest, NBA star Kevin Durant is urged to get away from D.C. lotto operator Emmanuel Bailey. Jay-Z is also involved. [Times]
Gray campaign aide Thomas Gore wants probation for destroying evidence, apologizes for embarrassing District. [Post]
Losing the FBI will actually make the District money. [Housing Complex]
Natwar Gandhi: "It’s nothing short of a miracle [...]

Gray Aide “Lost Himself in Loyalty” to Mayor

Here's an interesting take on Vince Gray campaign operative-turned-convict Thomas Gore: He loved the mayor too much.
Gore, the de facto 2010 Gray campaign treasurer, pleaded guilty last year to violating campaign finance and obstruction of justice laws in an attempt to funnel money to third-tier mayoral candidate Sulaimon Brown, and then cover it up.
In a sentencing recommendation [...]

The 2012 Loosies

Oh 2012, what turmoil you brought to D.C. politics. Two councilmembers who started the year as elected officials are either in federal prison or under house arrest wearing an electronic monitoring device. Vince Gray appears to have weathered a summer storm that saw the U.S. Attorney’s Office allege that the mayor benefited from an illegal [...]

Lorraine Green’s Daughter Vouches for Howard Brooks

In the lead up to sentencing for lying to FBI agents about making payments to Sulaimon Brown, former Gray campaign Howard Brooks has sent a letter asking to be spared jail time. "This is a fall from grace I would not wish on worst enemy," Brooks says of the punishment he's already received from having [...]

Gray’s Other Meeting with the Other Guilty Campaign Aide

The Washington Post has news today that Mayor Vince Gray allegedly met with shadow-campaign-enabler Jeanne Clarke Harris in January to discuss off-the-books spending that helped his 2010 mayoral campaign.
From the Post's Mike DeBonis and Nikita Stewart:
At the time of the January meeting, the official Gray campaign was pulling together an amended report to submit to [...]