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Gray’s Former COS Went to Bat For Sulaimon?

If you're a reader with a lax boss, you might tune in to the entertaining (but very, very long) D.C. Council hearing on the Gray administration's hiring practices.
There's been plenty of grandstanding by councilmembers Mary Cheh, David Catania and Marion Barry. Cheh's trying to show she's serious about investigating her close ally's administration; Catania's trying [...]

What’s Wrong With Vince Gray?

It only took Mayor Vince Gray six years to go from running a non-profit for troubled teens to being the city’s top elected official. But after that rapid rise, it’s only taken him two months to cut short his own honeymoon and become a political punchline.
So what happened? How did a guy who looked like [...]

Sulaimon Rashomon! Gray Tries to Allay Doubts, Murk Remains

Mayor Vince Gray faced the press this afternoon to vehemently deny ex-Department of Health Care Finance employee Sulaimon Brown's accusations in the Washington Post that he was given cash payments and a lucrative job in the administration in exchange for support during the campaign.
The Post uncovered text messages from Gray to Brown, one of which [...]

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Gray Orders "Top Down" Background Checks
The Kwame Brown Rehabilitation Efforts
You're Hired! Another Questionable Gray Administration Hire

Good afternoon sweet readers! Whoa, what [...]

You’re Hired!

Another week, another campaign supporter of Mayor Vince Gray’s who landed a cushy job with the District’s Medicaid agency and turns out to have legal problems.
Talib Karim, a Gray backer who recently began a $133,000-a-year job as chief of staff in the Department of Health Care Finance, appears to have used physical force on his [...]

BREAKING: Sulaimon Brown Escorted Out of Office By Police

LL has heard from city officials that Sulaimon Brown, a failed mayoral candidate whose hiring Mayor Vince Gray defended yesterday, was escorted out of the Department of Health Care Finance this morning by police. Updates to follow.
UPDATE: The Gray administration confirms that Brown was escorted out by police. Sources tell LL the decision to "begin [...]

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Marion in Gray
Secret Identities?

Good morning, sweet readers! Good news from LL's garden: the avocados have started to sprout. Whether they'll be ready by the first cold [...]