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The Two-Year Itch

Last July, U.S. Attorney Ron Machen held a news conference to describe an “expansive,” “sophisticated,” and “well-financed conspiracy” to put Mayor Vince Gray into office.
The remarks came just hours after Jeanne Clarke Harris, a septuagenarian public relations professional, had pleaded guilty for her supporting role in financing what Machen called an illegal “shadow campaign.” [...]

The Goo-Goo Posse

The resignation of former D.C. Council Chairman Kwame “Fully Loaded” Brown, after he pleaded guilty to bank fraud, will probably lead to exactly what his victory in the chairman’s race did: a special election to fill an at-large seat.
Brown’s departure meant a promotion for current Chairman Phil Mendelson, who is almost certain to win a [...]

Lorraine Green’s Daughter Vouches for Howard Brooks

In the lead up to sentencing for lying to FBI agents about making payments to Sulaimon Brown, former Gray campaign Howard Brooks has sent a letter asking to be spared jail time. "This is a fall from grace I would not wish on worst enemy," Brooks says of the punishment he's already received from having [...]

Gray’s COS Marks One-Year Anniversary

Chris Murphy, the mayor's chief of staff, is celebrating his one-year anniversary today. That's something of an accomplishment in this town, as many of his predecessors  haven't been able to last nearly as long. LL wrote about the short shelf-life of top mayoral traffic cops last year after Murphy was appointed as part of an [...]

Sulaimon Compares Vince Gray to Aurora Shooter

Yikes. Former nuisance mayoral candidate and short-timer city auditor Sulaimon Brown emerged from hiding today to appear on Ron Moten's A.M. radio show and compare Mayor Vince Gray to the nutjob that shot up the movie theatre in Aurora, Colo. Brown wasn't comparing the nature of the crimes, but stressing the fact that—in Brown's mind—both [...]

Say Cheese

One of the epicenters of local political news this year has been the E. Barrett Prettyman Federal Court House, a squat shrine to justice a short drive down Pennsylvania Avenue from the Wilson Building. It was at Prettyman where former Ward 5 Councilmember Harry Thomas Jr. admitted to stealing city funds and later was sentenced [...]

Did Lorraine Green Lie to D.C. Council?

On the eve of Gray campaign aide Howard Brooks' guilty plea last week, LL reported that the statement of offense filed in court would mention an unnamed person who knew about Gray campaign funds paid to fringe candidate Sulaimon Brown. That unnamed person, a source told LL, was Gray campaign chairwoman Lorraine Green.
Sure enough, court [...]

Nothing Left to Say

Mayor Vince Gray usually doesn’t have a hard time coming up with words. His speeches can last hours. His news conferences sometimes seem to drag on forever. But lately, the mayor’s gone silent just when he needs to be talking the most.
Last week, after two top aides from his 2010 mayoral campaign admitted in federal [...]

Gray Campaign Was Sulaimon’s Biggest Donor Late in Campaign

One mystery of the 2010 mayoral campaign that's never going to be solved is how Sulaimon Brown managed to win 209 votes in the Democratic primary. Why would you ever vote for that guy?!
Another mystery that may only be partially solved is how Brown managed to raise more than $16,000 for his quixotic fringe bid. [...]

Vince Gray Gets Gored

The term “senseless crime” is oftenapplied to acts of pointless violence. But it’s also an apt term to describe the sheer idiocy of the alleged plot by Mayor Vince Gray’s 2010 campaign aides to fund fringe candidate Sulaimon Brown and his over-the-top attacks on then-Mayor Adrian Fenty.
Gray’s longtime friend and acting campaign treasurer Thomas Gore [...]